• Boote Riedl

    Company “Nautika Riedl d.o.o.” specializes in trading with second-hand yachts and motor yachts of all trade names and sizes. Boot Riedl was founded in 2003 by Alexander Riedl as a one-man business. In 2010 they moved to present location (in…

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  • Premium Yacht Insurance by Jack Šurija – Yacht Pool

    The main activity of Premium Yacht Insurance is to connect boats and insurance companies: within boat and yacht insurance, personal skipper insurance, and other different liability insurance within recreational boating. Premium Yacht Insurance is not an insurance company, but it…

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  • Delta Team – Yamaha

    “We are a company whose core business is to represent and sell Yamaha motorcycles. The history of the company goes back to 1990 and to this day we strive to satisfy our customers and provide them only the best. Mission…

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  • ELKO Marine

    ELKO Marine is a unique nautical service with a complete range of outboard engines and vessel maintenance services. “Decades of work brought the necessary experience and highlight this service above any competition. Modern tools, diagnostics, professional approach, and professional staff…

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  • Yacht IN

    Yacht IN as a boutique yachting company specializes in luxury yacht sales, yacht charter, yacht management, and consulting. What makes them stand out and what drives their business is integrity, passion, and dedication. “We are passionate about our business and…

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