– 7000 printed copies
– 6 issues per year
– 172 pages in English and Serbian
– 8 years in Serbia and Montenegro
– The Magazine is available for sale in Serbia and Montenegro, as well as in prestigious marinas, hotels, restaurants, and private airlines in Southeast Europe.
– NAUTIKA Magazine & TV Show is the media partner of the following prestigious boat shows and nautical events in Europe

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  • Nautika Magazine – No.71

    Nautika No.71 March/April 2021 Hello, Spring. Enjoy the 71st edition of NAUTIKA magazine! Nautika Magazine – No.71 €5.00 Add to cart Keep up to date with news from the nautical and lifestyle world.Order your print copy now!

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  • Nautika Magazine – ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION

    Keep up with all the news from the nautical world! The yearly subscription includes 6 two-month issues of Nautika Magazine. Nautika Magazine – One Year Subscription €30.00 Add to cart Shipping costs are not included in the price. All other…

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  • Nautika Magazine – No.70

    Nautika No.70 January/February 2021 We present to you the jubilee 70th issue of NAUTIKA Magazine! Nautika Magazine – No.70 €5.00 Add to cart Nautika continues to provide you with the same quality content you’ve been used to for the past…

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  • Nautika Magazine – No.69

    Nautika No.69 November/December With the new NAUTIKA Magazine No.69, we bring you a world of prestige yacht brands, amazing travel destinations, and a look into the most luxurious lifestyle! Nautika Magazine – No.69 €5.00 Add to cart

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  • Nautika Magazine – No.68

    Nautika No.68 September / October With the new autumn issue, we bring you the redesigned look of the magazine. The pages of Nautika are written and designed with a lot of attention and detail, and each story is followed by…

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  • Nautika Magazine – No.67

    Nautika No.67 July / August Experience a dynamic, sporty, and unexpectedly comfortable ride with the new vessel from Bavaria Shipyard, which is guided by the slogan that joy comes only with pleasure that will be guaranteed this summer on the…

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  • Nautika Magazine – No.66

    Nautika No.66 March / April Riva is one of the most famous names in the nautical world. Of course, we most often think of the sleek and fast boats of the ’50s. and the ’60s, but it all started much…

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  • Nautika Magazine – No. 65

    Nautika No.65 January / February Winter without a boat. Just because you don’t sail in the winter doesn’t mean you should forget about sailing. On the contrary, it is an ideal time to sort out the many things for which…

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  • Nautika Magazine – No.64

    Nautika No.64 November/December Underwater Museum in the Adriatic, you didn’t know? There is Via Crucis whose permanent exhibition is made up of 14 stations with a total of 52 life-size statues and one 8-meter statue. All figures are handmade and…

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  • Nautika Magazine – No.63

    Nautika No.63 September/October Three things are very important on a safari when you are on board for four days: society, food and dive sites. Take a look at a four-day diving safari experience on the Adriatic. Nautika Magazine – No.63…

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