Born from Croatian innovation and designed with deep respect for the Adriatic, the Pelagosa 33 is not just a boat – it is your compass for adventure. Each unit is custom-made and tailored to the client, providing endless personalization options for an experience at sea as unique as you are

Conquer the waves, mastering your own sea in the luxurious motorboat Pelagosa 33, which enchants and attracts with her power and elegance, offering an experience that exceeds even the highest expectations.

Pelagosa, the original name of the island of Palagruža, is a tribute to the mystical spirit of this wild Adriatic island. Her sharp and elegant bow reflects the dramatic cliffs that define the landscape of Palagruža, thus embodying the spirit of adventure and elegance that are synonymous with the experience aboard the BoatLAB boats.

Pelagosa 33 is not merely a boat, but a stage for creating unforgettable moments. Imagine yourself with people dear to your heart, surrounded by the golden sun rays while sailing smoothly on the sea, feeling the breeze in your hair and the smell of salt in the air. That is exactly what this boat offers – an experience that can hardly be described in words and that you have to feel for yourself.

With her 10 meters in length and 3-meter beam, the Pelagosa 33 dominates the waves with ease, but also remains compact enough to sail into the most secluded coves inaccessible to larger vessels. The elegant windshield not only adds sophistication and an unobstructed view of the horizon, but also provides protection from unexpected weather conditions at sea. Hydraulic wings transform the stern into a luxurious area of ten square meters, ideal for sunbathing, telling exciting tales, or relaxing with a glass of good wine.

The luxury boat Pelagosa 33 is the product of the BoatLAB team, a group of long-time friends whose passion for the sea and sailing resulted in the creation of a unique vessel. Their main goal is for each client to realize their own vision and become owner of this exciting and comfortable boat. Based on this, each Pelagosa 33 is custom made as part of small-scale production, which guarantees a personal approach to each client and their specific wishes.

A fleet of these fantastic boats is available on the beautiful island of Hvar, where with prior arrangement with the BoatLAB team you can learn more about all the seductive features of this unforgettable beauty. Take the opportunity and experience life at sea in the most alluring way.

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