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In an exclusive interview for the Nautika magazine, CEO and the driving force behind Goga Yachting Club, Mr. Goran Vasić, shares with us a deeper insight into the collaboration with the renowned brand Princess Yachts. We discover how this partnership is reshaping the company, explore plans for the future of yachting in Serbia and find out what Goga has in store for us at the upcoming Nautical Show in Belgrade

Mr. Goran Vasić, CEO and the driving force behind Goga Yachting Club

In search of constant improvement of the offer and attracting new clients, Goga Yachting Club, a leading company in the nautical industry of Serbia, has joined forces with the prestigious brand Princess Yachts. This significant cooperation brings a number of benefits to clients and yacht enthusiasts in Serbia, providing exclusive access to top models of yachts renowned for their innovative design, top quality and outstanding performance.

NP: Goga Yachting Club has taken its business to the next level by introducing the dealership of the Princess Yachts brand. Can you give us a deeper insight into what makes this partnership extremely important, both for Goga and for yacht enthusiasts in Serbia?

First of all, I’d like to point out that the idea for cooperation with the prestigious company Princess Yachts came from the new generation, from my son Bogdan Vasić. After returning from his studies in Barcelona, he brought new perspectives and insisted that GOGA company, after more than thirty years of experience, should focus on dealership and sale of exclusive brands such as Cranchi and Princes Yachts. His vision has already resulted in the sale of four large boats in this first season and proved to be the right path for further development of the GOGA company. Also, we managed to attract a prestigious clientele that has given us their trust right from the start in this first season. You know that many prestigious brands are represented by our neighbours from Croatia and Slovenia, which is fine, but we believe that clients from our country prefer and communicate more easily with a local dealer, which allows for better after sales support and service.

Goran Vasić, CEO of Goga Yachting Club
Bogdan Vasić

NP: What range of yachts does Princess Yachts offer, and which models in particular from the F, Y, V, S, X and R class will we see in your offer? What makes each class unique?

The Princess Yachts brand is very well known to our clients. In Montenegro, you can already see a large number of models such as V40, V50, F45, F55, S65, S66, S72, Y80, which we can also present in our showroom. Also, we’d like to inform our clients that we are obliged to have our own inventory of five vessels on an annual basis, which requires a very professional and serious attitude in business. We’re in the system of direct purchasing from the factory and direct sales of dealer stocks of all vessels by the Princess factory, which are available immediately all over the world.

Goran Vasić, CEO of Goga Yachting Club

NP: How can interested parties experience Princess Yachts? Do you offer sea trial or other interaction opportunities?

As I mentioned above, it is possible to arrange a sea trial for certain vessels that are available and at sea. Clients can test boats both in Montenegro and in Croatia with our partner companies, according to further plans and agreement.

Goran Vasić, CEO of Goga Yachting Club

NP: How does Goga Yachting Club follow and meet the growing needs of boating enthusiasts in Serbia and the region?

Our reputation in the region is recognized for experience and long-term operation, which is a big priority for us. We strive for to be recognized as a reliable company in all countries in the region. We offer our clients complete freedom of choice of vessel, but at the same time we also offer them our 100 percent support even after the sale. We express our special gratitude to the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the great trust they have placed in us, considering the number of customers from this country.

Goran Vasić, CEO of Goga Yachting Club

NP: What types of vessels are currently most sought after by boating enthusiasts in Serbia? Have you encountered any specific preferences?

On the Serbian market, although Monterey boats are still in the leading position, Cranchi models E30, E26 Classic and Rider, with their imposing Italian design and quality manufacturing by the factory with 150 years of tradition, are taking an increasing market share. We are honored to be the exclusive representatives of this renowned manufacturer.

Goran Vasić, CEO of Goga Yachting Club

NP: You opened a showroom in Porto Montenegro last season. How did clients react to this initiative, and can you tell us what surprises and novelties you are preparing for the coming summer?

We received a comment that further stimulated us and made us implement my son Bogdan’s idea of moving to the sea, because we have sold over 1,700 boats in the last 32 years. A large number of our clients moved on to large boats, so we just followed them. The main comment was: “It was high time for you to go down to the sea!”. We realized that vessels from 12 to 30 meters in length are in great demand at sea, so we intend to focus on that segment, but also on dinghies that seem interesting for sea conditions. Boats such as the Cranchi A46, M44 HT and 52 fly, as well as the Princess F55, S66 and V50 yachts, are extremely popular in Port Montenegro.

Goran Vasić, CEO of Goga Yachting Club

For the end, I wish all sailors calm seas and plenty of beautiful moments on the water, regardless of the brand of vessel they choose.

Goran Vasić, CEO of Goga Yachting Club

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