Boaters around the world are drawn to destinations that exceed expectations – they look for places that provide unforgettable vistas and experiences both at sea and on dry land, leaving an indelible mark. Precisely this kind of exclusive position on the nautical map of the Adriatic is held by Šibenik-Knin County, with its gem, the city of Šibenik, which represents the pinnacle of nautical idyll

Located in the heart of the Croatian coast, Šibenik is a city of rich history and culture, along with spectacular natural beauty. With its position on the narrow passage through the Channel of St. Ante, between the mainland and the islands, it makes an ideal starting point for exploring the unspoiled island gems of the Adriatic Sea.

The nautical scene of Šibenik-Knin County offers incredible diversity. Between the centuries-old walls of the City of Šibenik, marinas for boaters offer a wide range of services that meet even the most demanding needs of boaters. In addition to the excellent nautical infrastructure, this destination also abounds in natural beauty that will surely leave you breathless. National parks such as Kornati and Krka represent a true paradise for nature enthusiasts and sailors. Crystal clear sea, hundreds of islands and islets as well as numerous coves make this area perfect for sailing, diving, and exploring.


If the sea, fortresses and streets could talk, they would tell enchanting stories about the oldest city on the Adriatic coast, about its medieval streets that are like an outdoor gallery, about the fortresses that watch over the daily life of the city residents. Šibenik is truly one of the most beautiful cities on the Adriatic, and in recent years a lot has been invested in the restoration of its historical attractions and the improvement of the tourist offer, making it an increasingly popular choice for guests visiting Croatia.

From the UNESCO-protected sites, such as the Cathedral of St. Jakov and the Fortress of St. Nikola, followed by the stone streets, attractive offers for active vacations, and a rich festival tradition to events that have become some of the most eagerly awaited ones every year, and all the way to the wonderful Šibenik gastronomic tale – Šibenik offers a unique experience that, with the arrival of warmer weather, inevitably emerges as an ideal holiday destination.

For sailors who are also looking for business opportunities, the city of Šibenik and the Šibenik-Knin County offer a favorable business environment. With growing tourism and infrastructure development, entrepreneurial opportunities in this area are incredible. Marinas, services, high-quality hotels and catering satisfy even the most demanding guests and contribute to the diversity of the tourist offer of a certain destination.


Croatia is one of the most popular destinations for nautical tourism, with a rapid increase in the number of tourists opting for sailing, cruising, and charter boats. This trend opens opportunities for the development of services in nautical tourism, as well as for occupations related to the nautical lifestyle, resulting in an increased demand for nautical training.

Adria Libar truly stands out in Croatia, as the most renowned academy/school specialized in maritime and nautical training, with presence in five Croatian cities – Šibenik, Zadar, Split, Rijeka, and Zagreb.

Training programs for captains, skippers, hostesses on sailboats and stewardesses on luxury yachts, as well as for other crew members, offer an exceptional opportunity to acquire the qualifications and skills necessary for successful work performance at sea.

Guests in nautical tourism expect top service, which can only be provided by a qualified crew with knowledge acquired through specialized training. Such a crew guarantees a professional reputation, security for the guest and the company, and most importantly, it creates the clients’ trust – an indispensable factor for the long-term success of any business.

The advantage of Adria Libar Training Center, with years of experience in the dynamic nautical industry, is reflected in strong partnership and cooperation with the best nautical companies, marinas and shipyards. The Academy continuously monitors trends in the nautical world and career opportunities through the exchange of experiences and meetings with key figures in the nautical industry in order to provide support and facilitate access to education

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