The Dalmatia Boat Show laid the foundations of a long-standing tradition

The Dalmatia Boat Show, an international nautical fair, which took place for the first time in the beautiful Marina Baotić, has ended.

Among the many visitors, who were mostly foreigners, we noticed many famous names, Andrea Erjavec, Miss Universe Croatia 2023, entrepreneurs Snježana Šilinger and Vedrana Vučetić, director of the WTA Makarska tournament, Feliks Lukas, composer and director of Melodija Jadran, Tomislav Mrduljaš, married couple Uglešić and many others who during the past four days in Seget Donji enjoyed the best of the world and domestic nautical industry.

“We are more than satisfied and I am proud of the team that managed to do a great job. I talked to all the exhibitors and they all said that they will come again next year.”

– organizer of the fair and owner of the Baotić group, Željko Baotić

During the four days of the Dalmatia Boat Show, more than 120 exhibitors and 70 brands with 200 boats were presented, among which the world premiere of the company A – More Yachts, which presented its electric sailboat More 50, stood out.

“This year we are celebrating ten years of existence, during which we have built over fifty ships. The More 50 is an electric boat with which we are turning to the global trend of sustainability, and the Dalmatia Boat Show, which was really organized like no other in Croatia, helped us a lot in promotion, but we expected nothing less.”

Silvija Santini Mandić, sales manager of A – More Yachts

“The organizers made a lot of effort and created a fair that is already recognized for its excellence, and we really need that, especially at this time at the beginning of the season.”

Dario Marijan, founder of the company Nautika centar Nava, emphasized the need for such local nautical events

The first Dalmatia Boat Show was also marked by a rich entertainment program during which Marko Pecotić – Peco with the band, VIS Cambi, Edi Šegota, the Cambi Quartet and many others performed over the course of four days.

On the last day of the Dalmatia Boat Show, the Rostrum Split association held an ecological action to clean the seabed of Marina Baotić, which is recognized in Croatian circles for its constant improvement in the field of environmental protection and the investment of large resources in the protection of the sea.

The panel discussion of the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries “Sea of Dreams” perfectly fit into the story of ecology, during which numerous current topics in the field of protection of Croatia’s most important resource were discussed. From the cleaning of marine waste, through the control of invasive species that have come to the Adriatic in the past decades, to the need to harmonize the growing nautical tourism with the increasing demands for sustainability.

In this way, the first Dalmatia Boat Show set the bar high for the next edition, which, according to the organizers, will be even more spectacular.

“Next year, first of all, I hope for good weather, because that means a lot, and as for the fair itself, expect it to be 20% bigger”

– concluded Željko Baotić

Photos: Boris Kačan

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