Range Rover luxury experience on Kopaonik

Media representatives and customers of Range Rover had the opportunity to feel the exclusive experience of driving the newest models on the beautiful Kopaonik. 

During the three days, the guests felt the unforgettable luxury experiences of driving all Range Rover models in nature, but also lived the complete luxury experience of staying on this mountain.

The “Modern Luxury” concept was chosen to convey the philosophy behind the Range Rover brand on a global level.

While some enjoyed driving a Range Rover through the panoramic roads of Kopaonik, others relaxed in the spa area of the hotel or attended a masterclass dedicated to “niche” perfumes.

After a day filled with perfect impressions, it was time for an extraordinary dinner organized for the media representatives in the most luxurious penthouse, while the clients enjoyed the cabaret atmosphere with the beautiful Milena Vasić.

Candlelight, white callas, a specially selected menu and wines specially paired with each course completed the refined atmosphere and relaxed all the guests.

An unusual photoshoot “for the cover” with a Range Rover was organized for media representatives, while behind the camera is our celebrated photographer Miloš Nadaždin.
Day two was reserved for an adventure and an exciting electric sled ride on the mountain.

The entire Range Rover team made an effort to ensure that guests leave Kopaonik with a powerful experience of Range Rover modern luxury.

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