International Nautical, Hunting and Fishing Show, April 4 – 8, 2024

Under the slogan “There Can Only Be One Course”, the 44th International Nautical, Hunting and Fishing Show will be held at the Belgrade Fair from April 4 to 8, 2024. It is a specialized regional event intended for users or fans of all types of vessels, water sports and diving, as well as hunting, fishing, outdoor, camping and nautical equipment

Considering that Serbia lies on 76 long and 50 shorter rivers, that it has nine large and 114 smaller lakes, and taking into account the fact that investments in cruise tourism and the expansion of the network of river ports have long been one of the priorities of the development of tourism and the economy as a whole, the Nautical, Hunting and Fishing Show has become a showcase for all events in these areas and an opportunity for visitors to discover and meet all the major players in these industries.

Expected attendance is more than 100 direct or indirect exhibitors, promising exclusive and innovative exhibition content. Halls 1 and 4 of the Belgrade Fair are ready for the participants and exhibitors at the event that has become a strong driver of continental nautical industry in Southeast Europe over the past four and a half decades.

The Show also provides an opportunity to present current trends and scopes in various segments of the domestic and regional nautical economy and hunting and fishing activities, from industrial and economic to sports, recreational or tourist activities. This includes getting an insight into the changes related to the electrical vessel equipment and technical-technological innovations (including electronic navigation devices, automatic vessel management systems, solar panels, energy storage batteries, and many other innovations), environmental organizations, and so on.

Visitors will see an impressive offer of speedboats, yachts, sailboats, boats, scooters, marine and outboard motors, water sports equipment, training, charter, and other elements of nautical tourism – as they have been used to for decades. A significant part of the exhibition program is adapted to river boaters, enthusiasts of the Sava, Danube, lakes and waterways. They will enjoy learning about regattas, rafting and other sports-recreational-tourist activities made possible by Serbia’s water resources.

According to the announcements, there will be no shortage of domestic or world popular brand models, including those worth hundreds of thousands of euros, which, as a rule, attract the most attention of visitors due to their appearance and price, typically finding buyers within the first hours after the opening of the Show. More affordable vessels will be available to the visitors with more modest desires – fishing and rubber boats. Scooters create a special sector, receiving a growing interest year by year.

The hunting and fishing segment of the Show, which has obviously experienced expansion in recent years – both in terms of the interest of exhibitors and visitors, the number and variety of exhibitors and the quality of the showcased products – always manages to justify trust and meet the increasingly high demands of visitors. The goal of the event is promotion and development of hunting and fishing tourism, presenting new products and equipment to distributors, hunters and anglers, as well as highlighting opportunities for the development of hunting tourism in Serbia.

This year, our biggest importers and distributors will present hunting weapons, ammunition and clothing, fishing rods and all other fishing accessories. A large number of craftsmen are also expected – those whose products have become known and sought after all over the world, wherever this type of sports and recreational activities is popular.

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