LET’S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER – I am your getaway from the city! VOGE 525 DSX

Do you want to go beyond the boundaries of the asphalt, cross the edge of the city, get lost in intersections and navigate country roads without giving up the pleasure of driving in the greatest comfort? In that case, I was born just for you!

I am designed to be versatile, and reliable and please you when riding in any weather. I am a machine with an incredibly comfortable chassis and wire wheels with Metzeler Tourance tubeless tires. You can rely on my top brakes from Japanese Nissin and a sufficiently strong, two-cylinder engine with a capacity of 48 hp. Thanks to two driving modes, you can easily let me know if you want to save money with me, or if you just feel like going wild in sport mode.


My standard equipment is a TFT instrument panel with a 7-inch display, which shows, among other things, the tire pressure. Well, if you pair your mobile phone using Bluetooth, the instrument panel will also work as a perfect moto navigation. I have a side and center stand, USB connector, 12V socket, adjustable plexiglass, complete LED lighting and a wonderful additional scoreboard. It would be spectacular if you decorated me with three original aluminum locking suitcases, which you can easily find at the seller. You will pack in them everything we will need on our journey to knowledge.


Oh, and maybe you already admired my predecessor, the Voge 500 DSX. Look, I respect my ancestors, but in all modesty, I must say that I am even more perfect against her.

I definitely have a lot of improvers. Take a look at them in detail. But they didn’t all fit there either. The best thing is to go out and have a look and test it with one of the excellent partners in the Voge sales network.


See you!

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