Ranieri NEXT 275 LX

A purebred “Sundeck” with a young and sparkling soul! In just 8.20 meters the Ranieri International shipyard managed to concentrate everything needed for a weekend boat

As the season to an end, Ranieri International is seizing the opportunity to officially introduce its latest project – the Ranieri Next 275 LX! This is an 8.2-meter cruiser from the Sundeck line with a sunbathing deck, designed as an “ultra-luxury” product, as indicated by the LX acronym. The boat, capable of handling a maximum of 450 horsepower, will be presented to the public at the first boat shows of the 2023-2024 season. While we await the first water tests, let’s take a look at what we already know about it.

With a newly designed sun deck, strongly aligned with the family feel of Ranieri’s NEXT range (which fills the gap between the Next 240 and Next 285 LX), the new 275 LX offers generous spaces for its size and a well-equipped deck for weekend getaways.

Immediately aft, two swim platforms surround the outboard motor, facilitating access to the deck and water thanks to a newly designed section. Just beyond, the cockpit unfolds, featuring a double folding backrest that can be converted into a sunbed using the table ahead. Two folding bench seats on the sides face each other, while a third folding bench is located in the bow, integrated into the central console, completing the seating around the table from all four sides. The solution with three folding seats is practical, allowing free movement throughout the cockpit.

In front of the central console, there are two seats for the helm station, with the helm offset to the right to allow easy access to the lower compartments on the left side of the console, enclosed by a windshield. The forward section is entirely dedicated to a sun deck, accessible from both sides of the console.

Focusing on the interior, the spaces in the NEXT 275 LX do not disappoint, especially considering the size of the boat. In fact, there is space that can accommodate up to 4 people for overnight stays, divided into two separate areas between the bow and stern. There is also a separate bathroom below deck, equipped with a sink and toilet.

Like the rest of the boats in the range, the 275 was designed and built according to the Fully-Developed Cockpit System by Ranieri International, a construction system that not only optimizes the production process but also allows for a monocoque construction, including the deck, cabin, technical compartments, tanks, and lockers all in a single mold. This system also helps maintain a generous maximum beam for 2/3 of the hull length, enhancing onboard comfort.

Length Over All : 8.20 m
Maximum Width: 2.55 m
Power: Minimum 250 hp – Maximum 450 hp
Fuel Tank: 390 l
Freshwater Tank: 76 l
Maximum Passenger Capacity: 9
Number of Beds: 4
Category: B_C

As for the waterlines of the 275 LX, the hull is engineered using Ranieri’s H.I.S. (Hull Innovative System – Generation III) and assembled using the C.S.A. (Cockpit Shock Absorber) system.

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