Get ready for an unparalleled off-road adventure that defies boundaries and unleashes the true explorer spirit!

The Segway AT5, with its looks and features, is starting a revolution in lightweight, luxury ATVs. Equipped with a 499 cc DOHC engine, the Segway AT5 delivers 39 horsepower, enabling you to accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in 4.6 seconds, while the top speed of this model reaches 100 km/h.

Its robust aesthetics and bold lines exude strength and confidence, making it fearless on any off-road ride, and with 400,000 lumen headlights, it will make you fearless in the dark. The factory hints that drivers will be amazed by its exceptional climbing ability, as it can overcome steep climbs of 39 degrees.

The adjustable EPS (Electric Power Steering) offers three modes – Comfort, Standard and Sport, providing different levels of steering assistance, adapted to different terrains and affinities. The Segway AT5 also features a four-disc braking system as well as front and rear differential locks, giving you great confidence to tackle any challenge.

It is capable of transporting a variety of cargo types, from hunting equipment to construction materials, with a carrier capacity of 100 kg and a towing potential of 600 kg. If more storage space is needed, additional equipment is available to increase the storage space.

The AT5 boasts an impressive fuel tank capacity of 19 liters. With these features the Segway AT5 offers the power and performance of a 600cc ATV at the incredible value of a 400cc model. However, this is an entry-level off-road vehicle, and off-road enthusiasts should take this into consideration.

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