With a design that embraces openness and versatility, this model sets a new standard for exhilarating boating experiences

Since its inception in 2019, Saxdor Yachts has experienced exponential growth, producing over 1000 boats and capturing the industry’s attention with their innovative approach. Now, with the introduction of the Saxdor 400 GTO, Saxdor Yachts aims to make waves in the 40-45ft sport boat market.

It is already noticeable at first glance will see the combination of eye-catching exterior design, the glass transom, which will allow a better view into the yacht, and the transforming port bulwark, which folds down into a unique balcony on the sea. Saxdor 400 GTO is perhaps the most open model in the segment with the deckhouse exposed from the side and from above, thanks to the convertible section of the hardtop. The rest of the main deck is surrounded by enlarged windows, with the table, seating and galley echoing the minimal and modern design motif of the exterior design to ensure an easygoing kind of comfort on board.

The helm area is equipped with a hypermodern array of controls and displays in a simple and accessible layout. The bezels of the three touchscreen displays are so thin as to appear a single widescreen, and although they can control and monitor all the systems onboard, two rows of buttons beneath provide a backup for security and ease of use.

The design of the Saxdor 400 is deeply considerate of guest comfort. The glazing under the aft sunbathing area gives the cushions a feeling of floating – and the space below is indeed empty, serving as headroom for the double cabin amidships. The reception of natural light from three sides with a clear view through the glass transom creates a uniquely airy and open ambience in a cabin that is often neglected by designers. Naturally, the forward cabin offers the most spacious berth – but more surprisingly, a third cabin for kids is available, which presents more possibilities for weekend excursions.

For its entire range, Saxdor chooses the best partners in the industry, and the new Saxdor 400 GTO is no exception. Navico Group provides the onboard electronics, above and below deck, with Simrad Yachting instrumentation, the Mastervolt energy system, C-Zone and BEP components and a Custom UI for power control.

The Saxdor 400 GTO can be equipped with either twin 300hp Mercury V8 outboards or 400hp V10s.

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