Elko Marine Advises: Vessel Selection

Elko Marine has been operating in the nautical industry for over 28 years. Listening to the needs of its users and with a constant desire for improvement, it has become a complete nautical center with the production of its own vessels, official distribution of vessels of world-renowned brands, service, marina, winter port and vessel rental service.
Thanks to many years of experience in building vessels, today Elko Marine can boast of four vessels of its own production, whose design and functionality are easily adapted to the needs of customers. By importing vessels of foreign brands, this nautical center from Novi Sad also responds to the market’s demands when it comes to luxury vessels.


When choosing the right vessel, it is of great importance that buyers are fully informed in order to make the right decision. First, it is necessary to consider the needs and purpose of the vessel, whether it will be used for fishing, water sports or simply for cruising. The number of passengers who will often be on the vessel and the space they need for comfort, certainly is an important deciding factor. Buyers should ask questions related to the performance of the vessel, such as speed, handling, operating and fuel consumption. Also, it is necessary to ask about maintenance and availability of spare parts. Perhaps the most important aspect is the budget that buyers are willing to spend on the vessel, including purchase, maintenance, insurance and mooring costs. Before making a final decision, a rental or test ride is recommended to get a personal impression of the performance and comfort of the vessel.

Last but not least is researching and familiarizing yourself with different types of vessels, comparing their features and advantages. It is always advisable to read other customer reviews when it comes to boat types.

Thanks to the speed and agility on the water, the smooth ride that is the result of comfort and convenience, speedboats are definitely a type that has gained more and more importance in the last few decades.


As a result of carefully listening to the needs of the market and the demands of customers, Elko Marine presented its fourth vessel in September 2022, which is different from the previous ones in many ways.

The Nivian XR1 measures 5m long and 2.2m wide, making it extremely spacious for its length. What distinguishes it from other speedboats are two benches placed lengthwise, instead of widthwise, and an exceptionally comfortable aft space that allows for easy and quick entry and exit from the water, and which can be upgraded with aft platforms. When it comes to equipment, the Nivian XR1 can boast a vastly rich package of standard equipment, but also a list of additional equipment that would be the envy of some much larger speedboats. By designing this model, Elko Marine opened a new chapter in its production and stood out from the competition, because the Nivian XR1 rightly bears the epithet of uniqueness.

Many years of experience in nautical, enabled Elko Marine to successfully respond to a wide range of nautical challenges, especially when it comes to choosing a vessel. For more information and advice on this and other topics, you can always contact Elko Marine through their website.

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