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Lockly Vision™ – Secure & Modernize Your Homes

Lockly Vision is a revolutionary new smart lock plus video doorbell that embodies all of its predecessor’s award-winning features, including hack-proof PIN Genie™ technology, biometric fingerprint reader, offline access codes and more. With a built-in HD video camera that streams to any iOS or Android mobile device you will always know who is at your door. Vision provides unparalleled access, security and convenience for monitoring any door from anywhere around the world. Meticulously designed with premium materials while integrating the highest level of security, Lockly Vision is the most advanced smart lock on the market today.

eKinekt BD3 – Charge Your Laptop By Pedaling

At the beginning of the year at the CES 2023 Tech Show Exibition in Las Vegas, Acer presented a device called eKinekt BD3. While turning the pedals on this exercise bike, which is also a desk, you convert kinetic energy into electricity. During an hour of constant pedaling at 60 revolutions per minute, amount of 75 watts of power is generated. The bike/desk contains an LED light that lights up when you start pedaling, signaling that kinetic energy is being converted into electricity. Two USB-A ports and one USB-C port allow you to charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously.

The LCD display as well as the accompanying mobile application will provide you with all the necessary information. The application informs in real time about the length of the ride, the distance covered and the speed, as well as the estimated number of calories burned and the number of watts generated by pedaling. For even more accurate tracking, drivers can enter data such as height, weight, gender and year of birth into the application.

The desk can be set up in two configurations: in work mode, the desk surface moves closer to the seat so that you can sit upright while typing and pedaling. In sports mode, the desk surface is moved forward in order to achieve more power when pedaling by leaning forward.
The device comes with a bag hook and a drink holder, and Acer also emphasizes that the frame of this bike-cum-desk is made from recycled (PCR) plastic.

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