SEGWAY SNARLER in a new outfit!

The Snarler audience consists of enthusiasts of adventure and nature, who make no compromise with boring daily routine and who leap fearlessly into the unknown, ready to push their own limits.


This time, the untamed mechanical beast, with a sharp look, strong body and exceptional lines, completes its visual identity. In addition to the standard contrasting colors offered (white/red, gray/blue, black/green), refreshes the already recognizable style with new bespoke combinations.

The Segway Snarler FULL EQUIPPED in black-matte black, grayred and camouflage-black options is ready for you in the showrooms of the ATV & NAUTICA center. Choose your favorite option and indulge in adventures in the unique Segway spirit.

ATV & Moto salon
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Maloprodajni salon (Retail shop) ATV & Nauticki centar
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