Located in the central region of Portugal, Aveiro is mostly known as the Portuguese Venice due to the estuary that runs right through it, just like the Italian city. Being one of the major touristic points of the country, this beautiful city is an incomparable trip for those who visit it. From the boat rides to the majestic beaches and the delicious “Ovos Moles”, Aveiro is a must on your bucket list and you don’t need to look further on where to book your stay, the Estrela Palace Hotel is the right fit for you! The four-star hotel is can only be described as an impactful experience for its guests and an eccentric project by the Portuguese designer Lara Lucas.


Lara Lucas is a renowned Portuguese Interior Designer, who after 15 years working in the marketing business, decided to renovate her home and discovered her love for interior design. Owner of interior design studio, Spacitude, she described the experience as the discovery of her new identity, with design being something inherent to her person and the thing that makes her shine brighter and feel more vibrant. Always able to look at projects from a different and unique perspective, Lara focuses on not only telling the story of her clients but the space itself, attending to their needs and desires but not being afraid to leave her comfort zone and defy the limits in the best way possible. An assumed maximalist and lover of mixing patterns and fabrics, Lara Lucas is a risk taker that produces sophisticated and bold interiors.


Right as you first step in the hotel, you get completely mesmerized by the richness of details that it offers you. The different patterns, as you can observe on the walls and floor, exude the sophistication and eclectic vibe that the designer wanted you to take in.

Composed with DelightFULL stunning Basie Table Lamp, the mid-Century stilnovo design inspired piece is characterized by its distinct features that make it stand out in any room setting!


A detailed open concept that allows you to travel back in time – that is what the designer had in mind when envisioning this incredible area. The use of vibrant and rich colors, such as blue and pink, and every different kind of materials, such as marbles and velvets, transform the bar and dining setting in a surprising and contemporary area, that delights its guests and invites them to enjoy their meals and beverages on a tranquil yet uplifting environment.

With DelightFULL Botti 12 Pendant Lamps, there’s an eclectic and fun feel to an otherwise mid-century design, which enhances the richness of different materials through this remarkable area.


Exploring every suite throughout the hotel, the different auras are palpable. The use of a darker palette and solid colors, contrary to the different tones of more vibrant colors such as blue and green, proves that this is a luxurious space designated for relaxation in a higher standard of living. While the greens remotes us to the water in nature, the golden accents and details remind us of the sun – this is the surprising attention to detail and train of thought of the designer that marvel us. With beautiful textured ceilings and luxurious furniture and lighting pieces, the suites at Estrela Palace Hotel are the representation of the exuberant beauty of this building!

Photos: ©Diogo-Moreira Studio / DelightFULL / Lara Lucas

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