Pelegrini is much more than a restaurant. It is sensation and experience, love for gastronomy and the Dalmatian philosophy of life

“Hospitality is a way of life that you have to enjoy in order to be able to do it well. Hospitality is also a wonderful career path that allows you to constantly improve, travel, exchange knowledge and experience with international colleagues, implement new techniques and practices, discover new tastes, and pass knowledge to younger generations. This is where constant curiosity becomes very important. You have to crave for new knowledge because this is a profession that is constantly evolving. What is even more important than curiosity is persistence. Persistence and patience. This all thrills me. I live in my hometown with my family and enjoy the work I do. I am a happy man!“

Rudolf Štefan, the owner of the Pelegrini restaurant

These are the words of Rudolf Štefan, the owner of the Pelegrini restaurant, and at the same time the master chef of the kitchen that is deservedly considered one of the best in Croatia and beyond, as they are the proud holders of a Michelin star for impeccable taste. His culinary philosophy is based on a creative fusion of traditional and modern. The emphasis is on local ingredients and continuous education of employees, so they initiated the ”Chefs’ Stage”, an international gastronomy congress, but also founded the ”Budi Foodie” foundation, which educates young talents in gastronomy.

In addition to philosophy, which is certainly the main driving force along with the steely determination to find “that special something” that inspires love at first bite, there is also friendliness and aspiration of the staff who will make you feel welcome and belonging to the family right from the doorstep. This is the kind of warmth that Pelegrini gives to everyone who comes under its roof.

Located on the main square in Šibenik, in front of the Cathedral of St. James, the restaurant has one of the best locations not only in the city, but also on the entire Adriatic coast. Although a small number of tables are positioned in the alley in front of the restaurant overlooking the cathedral, Pelegrini also offers comfort of a magnificent garden, which combines all the charms of Šibenik, including a view of the promenade and the unique architecture of the old town.

Symbolism of its name is also authentic. The tavern itself is named after the Pellegrini-Tambača palace, where it is partly located. The first hotel in the history of Šibenik was also called the Pellegrini. And last but not least, the word ”pelegrin” originates from the ”traveler-pilgrim”, and the proximity of St. James’s Cathedral is the goal for pilgrims, just as the Pelegrini restaurant is the goal for gastronomic pilgrims.

If you wonder what pleasant smells hide in every corner of this tavern, and what ingredients tickle the many satisfied palates, you will find the answer in the gifts of the season and the abundance of local, healthy and lovingly grown ingredients. One must be aware of one’s surroundings, and Pelegrini is constantly working on this, increasing the network of local producers who are the lifeblood of their cuisine.

Indulge in a modern interpretation of traditional Dalmatian cuisine, known for its centuries-old rich gastronomic heritage dating back to the times of the Republic of Venice, Turkey, France and the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and taste the Dalmatian philosophy of living. Carpaccio, St. Jacob’s Cap, sea bass with olives or maybe pashticada will be a good reason to put this Dalmatian gastronomic oasis on your “to do” list. Between the thirteen dishes on the menu, divided into cold, hot, main and dessert, create an ideal four-course menu adapted to your preferences. If you’re lucky and the season is right, try an oyster from the Skradin Bay, because the Pelegrini tavern will provide the perfect moment for your “blind date“. And of course, don’t miss to try the local wines because each of them reveals a unique story of terroir, grapes and long-lasting friendships.

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