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Very fast changing, vulnerable and turbulent world is challenging us and requires inventing new concepts and business strategies, new approach to the customer support. People are adapting to the situation, trying to stretch their emotional flexibility and make out of all their true values. Family values, time shared with beloved ones, prosperity, personal realizations and passions come to the fore. Selling not just maritime projects Rockstar Yachts is trying to deliver customers emotions first of all. Being passion to cover the customer needs and new challenges Rockstar Yachts chooses real gems’ brands within the maritime industry. With a full-time team of experienced managers Rockstar Yachts offer wide range of yachting services including brokerage, new build, charter, refit and after sales assistance to a large portfolio of international clients.

Rockstar Yachts is an exclusive distributor of Prestige Yachts in Montenegro. Prestige was born 30 years ago. The shipyard perfects and reinvents an industrial savoir-faire honed by decades of experiences at sea and inherited from the Jeanneau shipyard. The brand itself has added much to its value during last several years, especially with their latest launched products of X- and M-line.

Rockstar Yachts exclusively represents also Fiart in Montenegro since 2019. Fiart is a longtime family owned shipyard located near Naples (Italy), producing luxury yachts and boats from 35 to 60 feet in length.


Fiart Seawalker 35 – Italijanski walkaround model

The story of Fiart, acronym of Italian Factories for the Application of Thermo-Hardening Resins, begins in 1960 with the construction of the first fiberglass boat in Europe: Conchita, a 3.60 mt dinghy on its debut had an extraordinary success and marked the beginning of a new era for the Italian market. In the following years Fiart gained a leading position in the recreational boating market, designing, building and marketing unique boats from the technological point of view as well from the production processes used. The Fiart range today includes yachts between 35 and 60 feet in length, including brand new stylish Fiart P54 and Fiart 35-39-43 Seawalker series.

Fiart 35 Seawalker design redefines Fiart’s signature shapes with a subtly audacious edge. Its wide walkaround adds sports-inspired aesthetic to the supremely functional layout, set for freedom and entertainment. At the stern, the large sundeck ensures enhanced comfort, while the easy handling mean it’ll keep up with your desire to push the boundaries of thrill.

The Seawalker 35, is a boat with a planing hull, 9.99 meters long (32.70 ft) and LOA 11.52 meter (37.90 ft), introducing interesting innovations. Speed, energy and fun are the ingredients of this new yacht, that can welcome up to 10 people (4 for night), designed to be an irresistible partner for adventures, both in its outboard and inboard versions.

The project was carried out entirely by the Fiart technical department, led by Massimo Simeone, Technical Director, who points out

“We felt in the need to renew our thirty-foot range, applying the know-how gained from the experience on previous models and at the same time creating something completely new, a hull able to give emotions. Thanks to the extreme maneuverability and dynamism of its lines, the Seawalker 35 is designed to be an adventure companion, fast and fun”

Massimo Simeone, Technical Director

The outdoor spaces enhance the freedom of movement of the walkarounds, without obstacles around the central elements of the cockpit, where the double-seat control station is located, whose comfort is guaranteed by the hard top. The comfortable aft sundeck is an invitation to conviviality and is located behind the outdoor kitchen equipped with furniture with grill or hob, sink and refrigerator. Access to the beach for a dip in the sea is fast and easy, as well as reaching those who are sunbathing in the bow, where there is the relax area equipped with a comfortable round sofa.

Below deck the space has been studied in detail, to ensure privacy and comfort, with design solutions that allow you to enjoy spaces normally unthinkable on a boat of this size. The Seawalker 35 is offered with an open-space cabin with a central double bed, equipped with comfortable furniture and a large bathroom with separate shower. Two more single beds are provided below the deck floor in the aft cabin.

Fiart 35 SeaWalker delivers speed, stamina and exceptional feel-good factor! This stylish open boat combines easy handling with a super-dynamic engineering concept and is designed to be your new irresistible playmate!

At the moment Rockstar Yachts is building the only available Fiart 35 Seawalker model for Spring 2023 delivery – just in time for the season! Equipped with 2 x Volvo Penta D4-320 diesel engines (stern drives) and top extras like foldable bulwarks, transformer platform and hard top, this hull is now available for sale exclusively with Rockstar Yachts. Please, get in touch with Company sales managers for more details.

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