DIVE WATCHES: Aquastar Deepstar II

Text: Matej Ogorevc
Photos: Aquastar

The Aquastar Deepstar II dive watch, presented in 2021, has its roots in the 1960s. This model has retained great similarities with its predecessor, especially in design. With a multitude of unique details, you will not be bored by it for a single second, and the longer you observe it, the more exciting it will get. Let’s take a closer look…

You can choose the dial in one of three different colors – black, gray or blue, but the version with shades of blue seems to be the most magical. The easily noticeable additional bright dial, on which we follow the hand for seconds, has unfortunately been left without a luminescent coating. The large indices for positions 12, 3 and 6 take us back in time in a certain way, and I agree with one of the comments on the internet, stating that the watch looks a bit Art Deco. This is probably due to the long and thin lines on the minute markers and the massive hands, which fit perfectly with the prominent markers for 3, 6 and 12 hours due to the luminescent colour. Of course, the signatures “Aquastar” and the name of the model are clearly noticeable, but what really attracts attention are the bezels. Yes, you’ve read that correctly – bezels! This watch has as many as two of them.

The first, inner, is a “classic dive” bezel for tracking dive time, and the second, outer, is actually a nod to the first Deepstar model. In 1962, Aquastar patented a system for calculating surface intervals for multiple non decompression dives, and for the calculation they took data from the dive tables of the French Navy. Of course, today this information is calculated much faster and more accurately by the dive computer, but if you are still interested in how that system works, visit their website, where the whole process is described.

The dimensions of the watch are also worthy of mention. We, divers, are mostly used to large dive watches, therefore the Deepstar II will be quite a surprise for many due to the diameter of “only” 36.75 mm and the case height of 12 mm. However, this is by no means a drawback, because due to such dimensions, the watch can adapt much easier to other occasions on land and in everyday life. However, in the middle of 2022, a larger modified model (39 mm) arrives from Aquastar with an added luminescent indicator of the movement’s operation, which is used to monitor the operation of the watch in conditions of poor visibility.

The case is made of stainless steel (316L), and the strap can be replaced with NATO or TROPIC option. The beautiful colors of the dials are additionally accentuated by sapphire crystal, and the watch theoretically allows dives to a depth of 200 m. It is powered by an automatic Sellita SW290 movement, which provides a power reserve for 38 hours of operation.

Aquastar Deepstar II is undoubtedly a wonderful and interesting dive watch that perfectly combines modern and slightly retro design, proudly preserving the tradition of its predecessors. If you wish to order this model, you’d better hurry! The factory will produce only 300 items in each of the three colors.

Technical data
Model: Aquastar Deepstar II
Diameter: 36.75 mm
Case height: 12 mm
Maximum depth: 20 ATM (200 m)
Movement: Sellita Caliber SW290 Swiss automatic
Power reserve: 38 hours
Price: 1890 USD / 1490 USD (Early orders)


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