NEW AT ATV & NAUTICA CENTER: Segway Electric Scooters

Thanks to state-of-the-art systems for a more comfortable and challenging ride, safe and care-free parking, easy steering and ignition, fast and long-range mileage, you will realize that the most exciting electric scooters to date are right in front of you

Comfortable ride due to the unique golden riding triangle responsible for balance. The very position of the battery, which is placed under the foot pedal, lowers the center of gravity and gives you a more stable and safer ride.

High voltage power due to the lithium battery and Smart Battery Management System (BMS) 6.0, which means lower maintenance and monitoring the amount of energy, charging speed, preventing overcharging, and so on.

Thanks to AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System), your eScooter is protected from theft. The smart security system detects any irregular movements and sends notifications directly to your phone within seconds.

Smart Mobile App
– Enables locking and unlocking
– Provides data for each ride
– Tells you where you parked
– Sends notifications when the eScooter is moving and allows you to track it

In the offer of ATV & NAUTICA CENTER, you will find three unique Segway eScooter models. Model 110 comes in two options: E110S and B110S. They differ in battery power, and therefore the average speed is slightly higher. Model 125 has two batteries, more power and the ability to travel up to 123 km without recharging.

Explore each model and discover the full potential of the vehicle of the future!

Segway eScooter E110S

Segway eScooter B110S

Segway eScooter E125S

Range (approximately): up to 140 km (two batteries)
Maximum speed: 45 km/h
Anti-lock braking system: ABS
Storage space: 27 l
Seat height: 770 mm
Wheelbase: 1365 mm
Control panel: digital LED panel
Steering wheel control: present
Front and rear lights: LED lights
Charging time: up to four hours for 100%
Battery weight: 2×11 kg
Battery capacity: 288 WH
Maximum power: 3 kW

Contact: ATV&NAUTICA by CTC-Unit

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