The end of summer also means the end of the vacation season – but not the nautical season. Until the end of October, boaters gladly use every opportunity to spend a few days at sea and enjoy the sunny days, especially during the Indian summer. Thanks to its location, Marina Punat is an ideal nautical destination.

In the business world, early autumn is the time for planning of the next business year, and for the nautical world it is the period when the most intensive trade activities begin – used vessels are sold, new boats are ordered, new contracts are signed with charter companies.

The largest marina of the northern Adriatic is very lively – with more than 1,300 vessels on permanent berth, Marina Punat is the largest nautical community in the Adriatic. At the moment, many yacht owners are enjoying the last sunny days, preparing vessels for winter at sea or on dry dock, trading and selling unneeded equipment. As many as ten charter companies that operate in the marina are renewing their fleet, and prospective buyers get the opportunity to take a closer look at the boats intended for sale. It is an ideal opportunity for those considering purchase of their first vessel to experience life in a nautical resort first hand.

The Kanajt Hotel and rustic bungalows, located in the olive grove around the hotel, just above Marina Punat, are ideal for your stay, especially while your vessel is in the service area. On the other hand, for those who wish to experience life on the water, a floating apartment in the sea is also available. While the vessel undergoes a kind of ‘spa treatment’ before winter at the hands of licensed yacht service craftsmen, their owners can indulge in pleasures in the wellness center of the Kanajt Hotel or relax by the pool and lounge bar.

The famous Restaurant Marina has temporarily closed its doors since September due to thorough reconstruction, and the opening of the new restaurant is announced for the beginning of summer 2023. However, you can still eat well in Marina Punat – at the beginning of the year, the “9 bofora” bistro expanded its menu with delicious á la carte dishes, and in addition to the famous pasta, pizza and burgers, it now also offers more sophisticated lamb, fish and seafood dishes. In the autumn, the hunting season for Adriatic squid begins, and they are a particularly popular local specialty baked with potatoes.

During the winter months, when the island of Krk becomes slightly dormant, the tourist buzz diminishes, and numerous catering facilities lock their doors until the next season, all services remain available at Marina Punat. Whether you are a boater or not, here you will find comfortable accommodation and a hot shower, a good quality meal and a glass of wine, and maybe you even get to fancy a boat. Marina Punat is a nautical resort that lives 365 days a year, and maybe it’s just your second home?

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