2022 LEXUS LX 600 – Good things come to those who wait

Following three impressive generations, the wait is now over – an all-new LX has arrived. Totally redesigned from the ground up – inside and out – the all-new 2022 LX 600 stands as the ultimate sport-utility flagship in the luxury brand’s growing and diversified model portfolio. The full-size luxury SUV, with its newly reengineered body-on-frame platform, avant-garde style and luxurious cabin, embodies Lexus’ commitment to meeting the diversifying needs and lifestyles of customers.

Since its launch in 1995, the LX has been a luxury SUV icon shaped by an identity distinguished by an indomitable duality. Its comfortable ride quality and long list of amenities have defined it as a luxurious longrange cruiser, yet its tried-and-tested off-road specifications and equipment have taken it beyond the pavement in more than 50 countries and regions around the globe. As of August 2021, over 500,000 LX models have been sold throughout the world.


Although the LX has undergone a complete redesign, one thing hasn’t changed: its superb performance. The full-size luxury SUV, with its newly reengineered body-on-frame platform, deepens the Lexus Driving Signature with guests in mind. Thanks to the introduction of the rigid GA-F platform and a 441-pound weight reduction, the SUV’s well-known characteristics have been enhanced even further. Lighter than its predecessor, the new LX realizes a predictable, balanced comportment during turning, acceleration and deceleration maneuvers, plus improves stability when driving off-road.

Powering the LX is a high-output, high-torque 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine.


When it comes to design, the flagship LX combines high functionality with striking aesthetics. The SUV’s front A-pillars are pushed back to create a cab-backward design and a stout torso, and it’s equipped with 22-inch aluminum wheels (the largest in the Lexus lineup) that convey a sense of dynamic driving.

To give a sense of depth depending on the viewing angle, the headlamps’ L-shaped clearance lamps (with daytime running lights) have evolved into a three-dimensional shape and their inner lenses have been doubled. These unique details create an appeal that helps guests to see and be seen.


What’s more, the new LX is now available in five grades: Standard, Premium, Luxury — and for the first time ever, F SPORT and Ultra Luxury.

Designed to suit every lifestyle, the new grades will elevate the driving experience for everyone.

For instance, Lexus’ first-ever four-seat Ultra Luxury grade enhances the lineup with an emphasis on rear passenger space and comfort. For unparalleled comfort, the front seat can be moved forward, which is ideal for passengers with longer legs.

Not only has the Ultra Luxury-grade cabin been redesigned, but it also boast several other luxury features, such as curved headrests, sunshades on the side, and an exclusive air-conditioning system that provides full-body comfort with overhead vents.

If guests prefer a sportier look and feel, the F SPORT grade is the right choice. A first for LX, the vehicle offers unique design touches and handling.

It features exclusive 22-inch forged aluminum wheels and a chrome grille frame with a mesh design. Although this SUV is sportier, luxury still abounds. Genuine leather trims the steering wheel and shifter for style and grip and the exclusive F SPORT emblem is emblazoned throughout.


Thanks to the new Lexus Interface multimedia system, life just got easier for LX guests. With human-centered technology that complements the senses throughout, the LX 600 allows guests to focus on the road while the innovative and intuitive system helps navigate life’s twists and turns.

The new interface includes a 12.3-inch upper touch screen with an added LX-exclusive 7-inch lower touch screen, providing guests with intuitive technology at their fingertips. Human Machine Interface (HMI) enhances user interaction and accessibility using sight, touch and voice.


Despite its proven ability to handle rough roads, the new LX continues to evolve. Equipped with six terrain modes: Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow and Rock — guests can drive confidently where their journeys take them.

Whether it’s through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado or countryside dirt roads, this SUV can tackle paths beyond the pavement.

The operating range of Multi-Terrain Select — a new feature to the LX — was previously limited to the low range (L4) and has now been expanded to the high range (H4). The new Auto mode is designed to combine information from various sensors to estimate road conditions and optimize brake hydraulic pressure, driving force and suspension control while driving.

Personalize your environment to suit your mood with available ambient illumination. Designed to evoke the emotions and feelings of nature, pre-selected themes include Rainforest, Waterfall and Sunset

In addition, the LX is equipped with several advanced technologies for off-road driving, such as the Multi-Terrain Monitor (MTM) and the first dual display, designed to help make it easier to drive in harsh environments.

With Crawl Control, it intuitively orchestrates the engagement and disengagement of engine output and hydraulic braking pressure to help reduce tire slippage and optimize chassis behavior.

When descending a steep slope, the Downhill Assist Control system is designed to automatically adjust the hydraulic pressure on all four wheels to support stable descent without locking up the wheels. Because the vehicle speed is maintained with the flick of a switch, the driver is able to concentrate on steering without having to worry about braking and accelerating.

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