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The outstanding G series is the result of long-term cooperation with the Italian designer Alessandro Chessa, who combined his aesthetics and attention to detail with the basic Advance philosophy, based on the highest quality of workmanship as a guarantee for a long-lasting and reliable product

Advance G 500

With the G 500, Advance enters a new category in its range, linking the compact and luxury class of RIB boats. Advance G 500 is characterized by an attractive design inspired by speed, harmonious dimensions and excellent use of space. Exterior lines clearly indicate connection with the larger models of the same series, the G 600 and G 800.

A special feature of this model is foldable backrest of the seat, which turns the entire aft area into a large flat sundeck, while also providing easier access to the platform. Underneath the aft area there are three storage compartments: a central large chamber and one more on each side that, with their functionality and length, allow them to fit water skis or other water sports equipment.

Length: 525 cm
Length with platform: 565 cm
Inner length: 465 cm
Width overall: 235 cm
Inner width: 135 cm
Tube diameter: 50 – 40 cm
Tube material: Orca Hypalon-Neoprene CSM
Hull material: Fiberglass
Max single engine power: 140 hp
Max speed: 45 knots

The aft platform is designed to enable easy access to the boat from the dock or entry from the water via a stainless steel ladder that can be pulled out of the de-signated space and easily put into function. The front sundeck has 2 separate chambers beneath it: a large storage compartment as well as a smaller one designed for the anchor.

In addition to standard speed, depth, trim and navigation devices, the steering console has one detail that is a rarity in boats of this class: a compartment for storing personal belongings, such as mobile phones and personal documents. This compartment can be easily accessed because it is open from the top and protected from the bottom to prevent things from falling out during sharp maneuvers. As an additional option, a smaller, dedicated, closed-type compartment can be ordered to connect mobile devices to the stereo speaker system, as well as for safe charging of phones.

Advance G 600

It was created as a crown of phenomenally successful partnership between the company and Italian designer Mr. Chessa. It represents a boat that, with its ergonomics and specific design, enters the new level.

Sharp line design and specially constructed curved tubes, gives G 600 highly aggressive look. It is intended for the sport ride lovers, but with integrated fuel tank of 120-liter capacity, it is also a perfect choice for daily cruising with the family or group of friends. Large sundeck area is surrounded with the air tubes and additional cushion that prevents contact with the fiberglass. Due to perfectly used deck space, the boat can carry 12 people.

Advance G 600 has functional high volume chambers in all parts of the boat, from bow walkway locker to huge bow and stern storage departments. It has back platform, which allows easier entry into the boat from the water. Stainless steel ladders are hidden in the platform, and can be easily assembled and put into operation. There are one bow walkway and two on the sides, for easy entering the boat from the docks. Anti-slip surface is molded in the deck and back platform.

Length: 608 cm
Length with platform: 645 cm
Inner length: 570 cm
Width overall: 260 cm
Inner width: 160 cm
Tube diameter: 50-53 cm
Tube material: Hypalon-Neoprene
Hull material: Fiberglass
Max engine power: 200 hp
Max speed: 47 knots

A special version of this model stands out, G 600 Carbon, with the highest quality Hypalon tubes in white or black carbon texture. This version also features extra details from stainless steel, leather steering wheel and LED ambient light.

Position of the skipper is optimally adjusted to the dimensions of the vessel, enabling excellent visibility at all times. Fiberglass roll-bar is designed to keep up with the aggressive sport look of the boat, but is also functional for fitting the night ride equipment. There is a possibility of installing GPS or compass navigation, nautical music system, water tank with shower on the back platform, hydraulic winch with stainless steel anchor, towing post for water skiing, and even installing built-in fridge. Having in mind all that is mentioned, it can be concluded that Advance G 600 steps into a premium class of RIB boats.

Advance G 800

Advance G 800 inherited the outer features from the highly successful G 600, aggressive appearance and angled tubes. It is shaped with a deep “V” hull designed to cope with larger waves on the high seas and to cross long distances in the open sea, which is also enabled by a large fuel tank that can hold 460 liters of fuel.

The aft of the deck consists of a multi-purpose bench with a three-piece backrest, whose folding creates a large flat space for sunbathing, as well as direct access to the platform. By activating the hydraulic mechanism, the table is pulled out and the whole aft area is converted into a corner seating.

The control part is made up of a massive console lined with carbon fiber and special leather. Navigation device, sonar with the ability to display the entire area around and below the vessel, speedometers, gauges for depth, trim, level in all tanks, are just some of the information crucial for safe driving, which the skipper has at hand and can fully control at all times. The stainless steel panel has 14 stainless steel buttons for various purposes.

Length: 800 cm
Length with platform: 850 cm
Inner length: 660 cm
Width overall: 310 cm
Inner width: 180 cm
Tube diameter: 58-48 cm
Tube material: Hypalon-Neoprene CSM
Hull material: Fiberglass
Max single engine power: 425 hp
Max twin engine power: 2×250 hp
Max speed: 55 knots

Under the console, below the deck, there is a smaller toilet chamber. It consists of a sink, a ventilation system, as well as a toilet with a built-in electric pump.

The ergonomically shaped helmsman’s seats are separate for the skipper and a crew member. They can be adjusted in the lower part in order to suit the driving style, in a standing or sitting position. There is a small kitchen set behind the seats, which consists of a gas hob, sink and worktop, while underneath there is a built-in fridge and storage for kitchen utensils.

The aft platform is designed to allow easy access to the boat from the dock or entry from the water via a stainless steel ladder that can be pulled out of the its purpose-made storage area and easily put into service. There is a shower on the left side and a water pump connector on the right, which gives the possibility of washing the boat even when the boat is anchored on that side.

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