FLITEBOARD – Winner in the Sport category of the Green Product Awards

Brands from across 56 countries and 1500 projects were reviewed for the Green Product Awards and evaluated according to their design, innovation and sustainability in a multi-stage process. Fliteboard won the award for ‘Best in Sports’ for its revolutionary water sports product that perfectly integrates technology, environment, and culture through its design, and was named the world’s most efficient powered marine vehicle.

“Fliteboard is a revolutionary water sports product whose surprisingly low energy consumption gives it a high sustainability potential. Technology, society, environment, and culture are perfectly integrated through design. It is also very exciting that in the near future, perhaps this technology can be applied to related sports and even more extensive marine transportation and redefine the way of water travel”

The Green Awards Jury

Since Fliteboard first hit the watersports scene in 2018, it has been focused on accelerating a shift towards producing a more environmentally friendly powered marine craft. Fliteboard is an emission free, wake free and virtually silent electric hydrofoil that has the potential to create a future of quiet and clean ocean enjoyment and transport. A 10-minute drive to the beach will typically use more energy than a 1.5 hour Fliteboard session, and boards are built to last, manufactured using the toughest, premium quality materials to ensure customers can use Fliteboard for years to come.

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