BELTRAMI – Touch of Luxury

Beltrami Linen manage the complete production process, from the early stages of project design through to weaving and customer service. This translates into high quality and personalisation even for very small quantities. Their mission: to create luxury yacht linens markedly contributing to the unique character of all spaces, through continuous aesthetic and functional research and full respect for customers’ identity.

With over 50 years’ experience in textile manufacturing, Beltrami Linen specialise in projects designed and developed to customer specifications

Beltrami Linen pay attention to all the details to create perfectly fitting linen for bunk beds with mattresses in special sizes and shapes, sun beds and loungers, custom tables.

Beltrami Linen select the highest quality materials, granting the best performances in the marine environment

Autentica Fibra di Legno Beltrami collection, made of precious yarns obtained from the whitest core of birch wood sourced from certified forests in Northern Europe, by means of a sustainable, environmentally friendly process, is the perfect synthesis of Beltrami philosophy and quality and the perfect expression of true Made in Italy.

„Today, yachts can be considered as floating villas… the once-popular marine themes are being replaced by a contemporary residential style, where luxury materials mostly combine natural or neutral shades. Outdoors, the elegance of white, enhanced by dashes of colour, is still one of the favourites. Natural materials and neutral colours are particularly popular, as they are a perfect palette for the interior designers’ creativity, offering a wide range of possibilities to play with details in colour. In any case, it is increasingly more important that every single decoration element, including linen, aligns with the project concept and is the expression of a unique identity. An international luxury style, which I hope will keep a Made in Italy soul”

Cinzia Imberti Beltrami, CEO at Beltrami Linen

Contact: Beltrami Linen

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