Faster than need, better than dream, larger than desire

With the distinctive slogan “We don’t just make motorcycles, we create passion, we chase freedom, we look forward to the future“, the company VOGE has brought the future to Serbia through an excellent range of models that can be found in the offer of ATV & NAUTICA center.


Easy for handling, precise and fun to drive. Thanks to the powerful single-cylinder four-stroke engine, it moves well on rural roads. The single-cylinder engine developing 25.9 hp at 8500 rpm was created to combine agility and light weight with an aggressive shape to the maximum. This is a motorcycle that can boast performance and provide real driving pleasure, which is definitely a combination that captures the attention of even the most experienced motorcyclists.


A classic form of irresistible charm and pure strength. The spirit of times past with cutting-edge technology. With this model, you will dive into the most beautiful and iconic pages of motorcycling, because the 300AC enchants every biker with its curved lines. The classic in front of you was developed as an expression of respect and admiration for the history of motorcycling, with a combination of the most advanced technology of today. Its single-cylinder 24.8 hp engine at 8500 rpm delivers power and aggressiveness that will satisfy even those looking for maximum excitement.


All those who are familiar with the call of the wilderness and the mystical voice that invites you to new adventures, know that their main goal is to escape from the city concrete and noise. In response to that call that is hidden in each one of us, the 500DS was created – a motorcycle that, thanks to its two-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 43.5 hp at 8500 rpm, provides boldness and safety to those who are always ready for a new adventure. Fully carefree experience is guaranteed by the best components such as PIRELLI tires, BOSCH ABS system, NISSIN brake assemblies and KYB shock absorbers, which are all parts of equipment installed only by the world’s best manufacturers.


The sleek look with the latest features enables a smooth and comfortable ride. With this model you can feel the full pleasure of traveling, in a new adventurous spirit.


Born with the idea to satisfy everyone who is looking for a powerful but agile engine, aggressive appearance but also a great ride. Its twin-cylinder engine developing 43.5 hp at 8500 rpm paired with phenomenal components such as PIRELLI tires, BOSCH ABS, NISSIN brakes and KYB shock absorbers is capable of delivering superior performance.


Explore new horizons and follow the path less travelled with the VOGE 650DS – a new adventure icon. When the road ends, your adventure begins, and the 650DS offers the perfect level of capability and usability, both on and off road thanks to the 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels.

DS is powered by a proven 652cc, single cylinder motor that pushes out an A2 compliant 47bhp. This model brings new horizons, great endurance, but also safety and driving confidence.

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