One hundred years of tradition in shipbuilding and almost sixty years in business of Marina Punat are a sound foundation, but not a guarantee of success. The largest marina in the northern Adriatic is home to more than 1,000 vessels, which means the same number of expectations that have to be met each year

Our large project to increase the crane capacity, which was launched in 2022 and expected last for the next few years, began with the expansion of the pool for lifting boats and the maneuvering area. A new crane with a capacity of up to 600 tons, the largest of its kind in the Adriatic, will be installed there. In addition to all types of catamarans, it will be able to lift and service boats and superyachts up to 40 m in length, all with significantly reduced noise and environmental impact.

Concerning regular maintenance and improvement, we should mention the reconstruction of the entrance area, renovation of a part of the car park and its expansion to more than 700 lots, but also regular replacement of the hydrant line so that the water supply of the piers would function flawlessly.

Among the minor innovations and improvements in the quality of service, there is a new ice machine on the piers in the charter zone, a Fresh bar with refreshments and snacks, as well as a self-service service station for bicycles and cars. For pet owners, in addition to the existing park and pool for dogs, as well as bathrooms for pets, there are now ground stakes on the frequently visited points for which it is possible to tie a pet while the owner is in the toilet, at the reception or in the store.

At the request of our clients, a free shuttle transfer has been organized again from the marina to Medana beach, where the clients of the marina have a range of benefits in the Medane Beach Lounge.

Since last summer, our guests have at their disposal a charging station for electric vehicles with as many as six points of charging, and a new sanitary complex is very popular, especially VIP family bathrooms, reserved exclusively for our regular guests.

,,The secret of success is in the continuous work on improvements and innovations. People don’t like sudden and drastic changes. All our large projects take place in stages, so that guests would never be denied access to a facility or service for a long time, and with regular maintenance and renewal of infrastructure, every year the offer is refined further with content for which clients show interest through regular annual surveys. Sometimes it is these small innovations that provide more satisfaction than large infrastructure projects, but they are just as important for long-term success”

Renata Marević, Director of Marina Punat, which has been awarded many times as the best and most popular Croatian marina

Contact: Marina Punat

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