Flite Series 2.2 – Fliteboard’s next generation of marine sportscraft

Powered by an Australian invention, Fliteboard’s next generation of marine sportscraft is using world-leading technology to ‘fly’ across water

Byron-based company Fliteboard has been riding the electric vehicle wave since launching their first Fliteboard in 2018 and have continuously been developing new technology ever since. At the beginning of 2022, the brand launched its latest upgrade with Series 2.2 making improvements to the board’s performance, durability and safety.

With 100% growth year-on-year, despite Covid, Flite has experienced rapid expansion in all facets of the business, cementing them as the global market leader in eFoil technology. Flite has sold 6,500 Fliteboards to customers in 90 countries worldwide. They’ve grown their established network to more than 200 authorised partners globally, and their passionate team has grown almost 50% in the past year alone. Among a number of prestigious awards, Flite recently received recognition in Deloitte’s 2021 Technology Fast 50 list and Top Global Award for Design, Innovation and Sustainability Named ‘Best in Sports’ Category at the Green Product Awards 2022.

The company has imbued their range of Fliteboards with a host of patented innovations, and they’re not stopping here. Flite’s latest Series 2.2 launch introduces a range of innovations and sets a new benchmark for marine batteries, with industry leading improvements to the Flitecell.

“Series 2.2 melds all of our technology into an even quieter ride, with twice the potential power, and more control”

David Trewern, Flite founder, former kite-surfing world record holder and serial entrepreneur

– Flitecell Titanium:
* Signature titanium plates replace the previous aluminum design, making Flitecell highly resistant to corrosion, while also reducing the Flitecell’s weight and increasing impact resistance.
* Flite has introduced the same high quality 21700 cells as used in high-power applications such as hypercars, providing incredible performance.
* Phase Changing Material (PCM) is introduced into their Flitecells, which provides enhanced thermal management.

Flite App: Coming in 2022, connect to Flite’s global community with leaderboards, competitions and ride data never before seen in the electric marine watersports space; think Nike+ or Strava, but for eFoiling.

– Flite Controller: Now with double the trigger range, Flite Controller 2.2 provides intuitive control.

– Quieter Motor: Flite’s already quiet motor is now even quieter, so the rider can connect more harmoniously with the natural environment.

– Redesigned Packaging: New streamlined travel bags are 40% smaller for easy handling, with solid protection and compact design. Flite now offers an optional wing quiver bag to house all those extra wings. Like everything about Fliteboard, it’s a beautiful and considered design.

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