Monachus 70 Fly – A symbiosis of tradition and modern technology

Monachus Yachts is delighted to reveal the latest details and photos showing the elegant and striking lines of the already announced brand new motor yacht Monachus 70 Fly, which is for the first time presented at the recent Venice Boat Show

Designed in the unique style of a Mediterranean lobster, it left no one indifferent, and the impressive bow and elegance of the interior further fueled the emotions and reactions of visitors as well as clients. We can freely say that the Monachus Yachts boatyard with this model has contributed to the additional importance of Croatian small boatbuilding, given that this is the first Croatian yacht in length of 21.5m.

The Monachus 70 Fly is a motor yacht that retains the traditional Mediterranean style, perfectly integrated into modern design, which inherits maritime characteristics, as well as the smaller models, Pharos 43 and Issa 45. Harry Tabak and his team can proudly say that the Monachus 70 Fly is absolutely timeless motor yacht. Just one look is enough to convince you that this concept is good designed to stand out for a shade above the rest.

To touch on the specification of this elegant vessel, it is 21.5 meters long, and in the widest part of the bow it is 5.7 meters wide, while the width of the hull on the waterline is 4.7 meters. This elegant and spindle-shaped line, in addition to expressing a highly developed bow, also shows the agile dynamics of the ship. Even at first glance, it is obvious to the less knowledgeable observer that this is an elegant yacht with a sporty spirit, which is primarily destined for the best maritime and maneuvering abilities.

And not to leave everything on the impression level, the manufacturer took care of the installation of two 13-liter VOLVO engines in combination with the IPS-1200 system, which gives 900hp engines the effect of a classic 1200hp axle drive, which ultimately results in a cruising speed of 25 knots with a consumption of 10 l / NM, while the maximum speed is 31 knots. In addition to the fantastic propulsion effect, IPS significantly reduces fuel consumption by up to 35%, and thus exhaust emissions. Exhaust gases come out deep below the water line on the IPS itself, so during the voyage they do not disturb the owner and his guests, and in addition they are engines extremely quiet.

In order to complete the uniqueness of its premium model, the manufacturer also decided to install a DPS system (Dynamic Position System). With it, this system allows the user to command at the touch of a button the yacht to maintain itself in a given position by maintaining not only a left-right and forward-backward movement, but also a bow-stern axis.

The Monachus 70-fly is also equipped with control units at three command posts, a main deck wheelhouse, a wheelhouse on the fly and in the aft cockpit. In addition to the DPS, stern clamping winches, all three command posts are equipped with IPS Joystik, so enjoying a yacht of this size will be possible for a crew of just two people. Instead of the classic flaps in the Monachus shipyard, they opted for a vertical self-leveling interceptor version that the ship always maintained in a horizontal position, to make sailing as comfortable as possible.

The interior is offered in versions with four cabins and four toilets or in versions with three cabins and three toilets. Both versions offer a double cabin and a sailor’s toilet with a separate entrance to the bow. At the level of the main deck is the wheelhouse and saloon with a kitchen located at the entrance of the external cockpit so that it is maximally practical for using the external space of the cockpit. 

The presented Monachus 70 is characterized by a unique style that successfully combines the traditional values ​​of yacht design with the features of modern style. All this means a lot to the boatyard and marks the path to the beautiful future of this Croatian brand.

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