WINE DROP CLUB – Mobile application for ordering wine and accessories

Thanks to the Wine Drop Club application, which has been on the market since 2020, you can order great wine packages – and more

When you install the app, choose from several options of wine, accessories, travel, events and news. So, this is an application where all wine enthusiasts will be able to find updated and relevant content. The Wine Drop Club team tried to put together well-thought packages for everyone’s palate, ranging from combinations containing white, rosé and red wine, via those with only prosecco variants, to packages containing only one brand.

Although the process itself is quick and easy, you will surely scroll through the offers for some time while exploring the flavors. What will make your choice easier is that when you click on any package, you will be shown basic information: vintage, winery, country, region, type of wine, variety and volume. There is also a brief description of each of the wines, drawing attention to interesting facts such as, for example, the DWWA title. Most of the wines on offer are Italian, but there are also wines from Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, while Malvazija Kozlović, everyone’s favorite, stands out. When you decide on the wine, put the selected package in the basket, proceed to payment and choose the date and delivery time that suits you.

The basic idea of Wine Drop is to offer all those who are interested special tastes and a great shopping experience that is planned and eagerly awaited. The offer includes wines that are specific, full of flavor and that represent a complete pleasure from opening of the bottle to the moment of drinking. When choosing pre-designed packages, prices are set to be more affordable. Through the app, in addition to wine, you can also order wine accessories. Delivery on the territory of the city of Belgrade is free, and it is done on the territory of the whole of Serbia.

When you download the application, be sure to study the other categories, because there are many interesting things for you. In the “travel” segment, you will find tours of local wineries.

In addition to touring the cellar and wine tasting, you will occasionally see offers for a fine dining event in one of the wineries. If you need an idea for a weekend trip, or you want to surprise a loved one, buying vouchers through the app is a great idea. Also, when you click on the “events” section, you can see if a wine event or a special tasting is available. In the coming period, you can expect a lot of news on the application itself. One of them is that customers will be able to create their own package to their liking.

Wine Drop Club is a club you will surely enjoy. Cheers!

Contact: Wine Drop Club

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