After Santa Lucia Malvazija 2018 won the title of the best malvasia in the world less than a month ago, another award has arrived – this time for Santa Lucia Malvazija vintage 2017!

In 2020, the selection 2017 won the platinum medal at the Decanter, gaining 97/100 points, and in 2022, Santa Lucia Malvazija 2017 repeated the success with the same result: 97/100. Between these two awards, the title of the best Malvasia in the world was received for Santa Lucia Malvazija 2018.

“Certainly, it is a sign that we are on the right track, and it is my opinion that these awards actually pay tribute to the terroir. The awards that Malvazija Istriana has been receiving for years show that this variety deserves its place in the category of small autochthonous varieties of the old continent, and the stylistic definition of our regional representative is just happening, thanks to such ways of acclamation”.

Mr. Gianfranco Kozlovic

Santa Lucia Malvazija 2017 comes from the eponymous vineyard, once owned by a state agricultural company, where the oldest vines date from 1962. Malvazija from this location has always been called “the famous” Malvazija, and this terroir belongs to the Istrian grand cru-positions that is being examined as part of the international project EcoVineGoals.

Plantations in Santa Lucia are formed into terraces, but also heterogeneous – from narrow single-row terraces to those with four or five rows, and they are cultivated in ecological way. The combination of altitude and proximity to the sea is what makes the position exposed to constant air currents.

“Such recognitions help us winemakers to strengthen our confinence in the variety, but also to harmonize the stylistic expression of Malvazija of the third decade. If we manage together to position one distinctive product, internationally recognized several times, then we can stand side by side with great white wines and their regions”

Mr. Gianfranco Kozlović

As the fourth generation of winemakers who began their story in the Valle Valley back in 1904, Gianfranco and Antonella are determined in their decision to market only those wines that are truly ready to be enjoyed in. Therefore, regardless of the huge demand, which is increasingly growing from year to year, the amount of wine will not increase, because the basic focus of the Kozlović winery is to follow unconditional quality, which must never be compromised for the sake of quantity.

Contact: Vinarija Kozlović

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