YAMAHA NIKEN: Feel the revolution!

The radical new NIKEN is part of your tomorrow, ready to open up a whole new dimension in riding control

Featuring unique leaning multi-wheel technology, this radical and versatile new 3-wheel motorcycle looks, rides and feels like nothing else. Twisting roads are its natural playground. And with dual leaning front wheels giving you enhanced feelings of grip, the NIKEN can corner carve with total confidence.

With its bold and futuristic body design, the NIKEN projects a commanding presence. And its torque-rich 847cc 3-cylinder engine and lightweight hybrid chassis ensure thrilling sports performance and long-distance comfort. For high levels of comfort, control and enjoyment, the NIKEN features a high screen, as well as heated grips and a luxury comfort seat.

Side cases and a rear carrier base give plenty of luggage potential and, for added functionality, this model comes equipped with the main stand and two 12 V outlets.

Contact: Delta Team

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