The first mobile raft in Serbia: Yacht House Belgrade

A new dimension of life on the water

Raft-yacht Yacht House Belgrade eagerly awaits to let you discover its magical surprises and possibilities! If you see a jacuzzi on the roof or a big screen showing your favorite movie – don’t think that your eyes are deceiving you, because that’s not all! Anticipating your requirements, this elegant, but above all powerful construction pushes the boundaries of the expected, so a helicopter landing on its roof, in the James Bond style, is totally realistic. Impressive, isn’t it?

Vessels are becoming increasingly popular and a growing number of analysts believe they are part of the future of the construction industry. Although the idea of a house on the water is not a great novelty, the opportunity to drink your first morning coffee admiring Belgrade, and the next morning to be captivated by the scenery of Djerdap or Vienna, is certainly a huge advantage.

This mobile home measuring between 40 and 80 square meters, depending on your wishes, can be at your address in less than two months from the date of ordering. In addition, there is the possibility of renting it for private or business celebrations.


This innovative project is made up of several conceptual solutions and previous experiences. Top experts in the field of nautical, traffic, mechanical and civil engineering were involved in its design and construction. There are, first of all, MK Metal company (specialized in metal constructions), Goran Jovanović (expert in the field of robotics), Professor Dr. Petar Mirosavljević (expert in air transport safety) and Ilija Kecman (aero and product engineer). Yacht House is made entirely in workshop conditions – which guarantees high quality of the final product.

Prefabrication and assembly techniques are applied in the procedure itself.
Yacht House is an ambitious engineering endeavour that combines all the advantages of a villa, raft and yacht into one unusual design. The basis of the house on the water is a catamaran hull (pontoon) assembled in the Belgrade shipyard. As the pontoons are built of 5 mm thick sheet metal, they feature static stability and can take a load of up to 60 tons.

The catamaran hull, measuring 16 x 8 meters, with shallow draft is perfectly adapted for sailing on a river or lake. On the “ground floor”, 60 m2 of the total area are closed, while the rest is intended for outdoor living. However, the roof terrace covers an area of as much as 90 m2 and can accommodate various recreational facilities, such as a swimming pool or jacuzzi tub.

The construction of the building is made of steel, and the exterior doors and windows are made of high quality aluminum components. Regarding the choice of materials and equipment, in addition to the basic package, the client can choose a completely personalized house in terms of materials, equipment and interior design.

The stability of the structure is confirmed by the fact that a helicopter can be landed on the raft, with all the necessary certificates and permits for this already obtained

As in the case of Lego blocks, a finished house of the desired design and level of equipment is mounted on the basic steel structure, which in addition to the basic package also offers a luxury option with a rooftop pool, jacuzzi tub or other premium equipment.

Yacht House in the basic package costs 250,000 euros. As such, it is far more affordable and has better delivery terms than similar vessels that can be purchased on the domestic and European markets. According to the producers, the focus of sales is on countries that have a developed waterway system, such as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, but also the countries of the Balkan region.


Some of the most frequently asked questions that customers and users have are related to how the Yacht House is supplied with electricity and water and what is the system used for the heating and cooling design.

Power is supplied by lithium batteries and solar panels. When there is no sunlight, Yacht House has its own battery-powered diesel generator. In about two hours of operation, the generator charges the batteries for four days of average energy consumption.

Water is provided from a tank located in the pontoon, whose volume is two tons. Water supply is also possible from the river, through technical and chemical treatment through built-in filters.

Thermoregulation of the space is solved in the system of electric floor heating. Also, the house is equipped with a gas fireplace. For heating / cooling, it is possible to install an air conditioner that is powered by generators or batteries.


A party on the go is always a great idea. You can rent a Yacht House for a day or more. The raft rental covers the time from 1 pm to 9 am the next day. In terms of capacity, Yacht House Belgrade can accommodate up to a hundred people at a time.

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