Anniversary of the Kozlović winery: since 2012 in the designer winery, and since 1904 in the Valle valley

PR Kozlovic

The Kozlovic family has been living with wine and from wine since 1904. The estate also includes a design winery, whose architectural solution is signed by architect Zeljko Buric, and for which the winery has received numerous awards, including an entry in a luxury edition by world-renowned sommelier Paolo Basso – Sommeliers’ Heaven – The Greatest Wine Cellars of the World. This year, the modern winery, harmoniously tucked away in the environment, whose design took into account the functionality of the wine business, ecology and sustainability, as well as aesthetics, is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

PR Kozlovic

Opened in May 2012, as the extension of the former winery with a tasting room that today serves as a museum of old tools, the Kozlovic winery has become a real home for people and wine with its minimalist yet so expressive visual appearance over ten years. Thoughtfully designed, with a significant capacity for wine storing, it relies on and pursues the family philosophy of Antonella and Gianfranco Kozlovic, who chose quality rather than quantity. At the time of opening, it was the only such winery in Croatia where wine tourism began as a niche tourist product of what is now called eno-gastro cultural tourism. Thanks to the concept that inherited the solutions of Austrian wineries with elegant and sophisticated wine bars in which added value of wine pleasure through a whole story is developed along with the wine itself, the winery has a hall for private tastings, as well as large open areas for wine programs. Furthermore, the cellar is carefully designed with high aesthetic standards, where through three floors the visitor learns how grapes travel from the vineyard to the bottle.

PR Kozlovic

On the occasion of the above mentioned anniversary, Gianfranco and Antonela Kozlovic organized a party on May 27 on the property for their friends and business partners. Along with a number of well-known labels of Kozlovic winery, as well as ”welcome wine” – special Teran champagne that is not for sale but only served to friends, three Istrian chefs took care of the gastronomic part – Ana Morgan from Morgan restaurant, Mira Zrnic from Stari podrum restaurant and Fabiana Mijanovic from Buscina. The guests were entertained by Miro Ungar and his band in a one-hour cabaret program, and the picture from the life of wine was interpreted according to the text Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo, actor Walter Rocha.

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