The island of Krk is a popular destination for outdoor activities and short weekend trips, and Marina Punat is an attractive destination for all those who enjoy gastronomy and view of beautiful boats, whether they are gourmets or boaters – or they are yet to become

The largest marina in the northern Adriatic is home to more than 1,000 vessels, so it becomes a particularly lively place at the beginning of summer. While the boats are being prepared for sailing in the service area, boaters and their families spend time in the marina, with accommodation in the Kanajt Hotel or a resort with luxuriously equipped mobile homes surrounded by an olive grove that stretches around the hotel.

Along with the famous á la carte Marina Restaurant, the terrace of the Bistro “9 Beaufort” is very popular for socializing and gourmet exploring the island of Krk. Under the leadership of Kristina Mrakovčić, the gastronomic offer of both restaurants has been raised to a special level. With a creative combination of top-quality locally grown ingredients and modern trends, the menu includes numerous dishes of international cuisine with an original Krk mark. In addition to the ever-popular pizzas, there are also increasingly popular burgers, including the ”boškarin” burger (indigenous Istrian beef), as well as international dishes such as wok-chicken with rice noodles or taquitos. However, local dishes and local specialties are the most common choices of gourmets.

Along with the Krk prosciutto by the Žužić family, renowned for its good quality and labelled for Protected Designation of Origin, Krk cheese from the neighboring village of Kornić is a perfect match, while it is also interesting to try “sea prosciutto” made of smoked tuna with a little wasabi. Fresh fish carpaccio is on offer whenever Punat fishermen have a good catch, and with a little luck, it can be served with oil from the Kanajt Hotel’s own olive grove.

In addition to the Krk prosciutto, Krk lamb also bears the label of Protected Designation of Origin. It is specific in that the meat has a characteristic taste due to salt and grazing, so young Krk lamb prepared in ”žgvacet” (goulash) or baked with potatoes and herbs appeals to every palate. Local Krk specialties are also ”šurlice”, which are eaten all year round, in spring with asparagus, and in the autumn in a rich traditional sauce made of meat or freshly picked mushrooms.

Lamb goes best with chilled Vrbnik ”žlahtina” wine, and on special occasions with sea sparkling wine Valomet – autochthonous Krk champagne, matured for 400 days under the sea at a depth of 30 meters. For gourmets, there is also an autochthonous dessert – ”presnac”. This homemade traditional cake with fresh sheep cheese is prepared only in spring and early summer, when fresh cheese is available, so if you find yourself on the island of Krk at that time, don’t miss the chance to taste it.

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