An important milestone in the creation of a truly exceptional superyacht was marked on 11th March when the hull of this 52m / 171ft luxury sportfish yacht was turned at Royal Huisman’s newbuild headquarters in Vollenhove, the Netherlands.

Spectators were able to appreciate the long, sweeping bow, high bulwarks and the clear outline of the fishing cockpit – all marking this yacht out as the most serious contender ever to be constructed in the specialist sportfish category. The characteristic low, uncluttered aft cockpit is close to the water for easy access to gear and a clear sight of the catch. Seating immediately above will provide a superb platform to follow the action as it unfolds below.

With her six towering decks, Project 406 is a unique vessel in so many respects. Not only will she be the largest but, without doubt, the most luxurious, finely appointed, meticulously engineered and most impressive sportfish anywhere in the world.

Flawless teamwork

Interior and exterior design and naval architecture come courtesy of the celebrated Vripack Yacht Design Studio. Royal Huisman itself is viewed to be the only shipyard in the world capable of engineering and producing such an individual project. Since the projects inception, the discerning owner has put together a capable team to support Royal Huisman with expert advice from Bush & Noble around sportfishing and the classic yacht forms, Hampshire Marine managing the day to day technical aspects of the Project at the shipyard, Aqua Marine handling the general logistics and Pascarelli Consulting acting as owners representative, the project continues to grow into one of the most iconic yachts to ever be built and truly a team effort.

Excellence in every aspect

Project 406 is immaculately and extensively engineered. She will be fitted out without compromise for both high end sportfishing and luxurious living. Where else in superyachting might you find a sky lounge that offers the extraordinary “theatre” of spectacular fish catches, by day – and the relaxed ambience and stunning outlook of a boutique hotel penthouse, by night?

The Alustar® aluminum hull, which has been constructed by Royal Huisman’s inhouse team of welders in recent months, offers strength and resilience. It also achieves the lighter weight that ensures a smooth and efficient passage to the fishing grounds.

Smart production

A project like Project 406 demands an extraordinary array of talents and expertise. With a shipyard team of over 300 individual experts, all with their own skills, Royal Huisman can carry out much of its engineering and production work in-house. But in the interest of a fast, cost-efficient and optimally coordinated production, flexibility is vital. In the case of Project 406, the specification for the Alustar® aluminum superstructure was prepared and detailed by Royal Huisman’s own engineering departments. Its production, however, will be outsourced to one of the highly qualified co-makers: collaboration and efficiency in action.

Driven by innovation

Nothing pleases a Royal Huisman engineer more than a fresh challenge. Which, fortunately, are never in short supply at a shipyard that deals exclusively with highly individual custom superyachts. Aside from a superlative portfolio of over thirty bespoke sailing yachts from 30 to 90m+ / 100 to 300ft+ Royal Huisman is increasingly seen as the go-to-shipyard for large and complex motor yacht projects. The challenges in creating the world’s largest sportfish yacht speak for themselves. And just a few months ago, Royal Huisman delivered PHI, the longest sub 500GT motor yacht ever built. Full of innovative features (such as her laser-powered exterior lighting) and – by the nature of her design – a work of art as well as a world cruiser.

Back to the future?

“Some have commented that a sportfishing vessel – even one as exceptional as this – seems an unusual excursion for a shipyard best known for its magnificent ocean-going sailing yachts. But not so. Founded in 1884, our shipyard started its journey as a builder of wooden fishing boats and workboats – its core business for decades to follow.

Jan Timmerman, Royal Huisman’s CEO

The general area where Project 406’s hull was turned, was once the shore of the ‘Zuiderzee’ inland sea, during Huisman’s first 50 years. On the waters of this sea, Huisman-built fishing craft would operate in all weathers to prove their reliability. Reclaimed land, the Noordoostpolder, now occupies much of that sea area although a canal remains. But that connection with sturdy fishing vessels and the challenges of the sea will always be part of Royal Huisman’s DNA. We are proud and excited to be building a truly unique and exceptional stunning sport fish yacht that still resonates with the work of the shipyard’s founding fathers.”

Jan Timmerman, Royal Huisman’s CEO
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