Ready to welcome the cold days with Živanović fur

We can say with certainty that fur represents love at first sight when it comes to ladies, regardless of age.

In the territory of Banat, Bačka and Srem, fur farming was first mentioned in the 17th century. Today, in Laćarak, near Sremska Mitrovica, furrier Živanović keeps this craft from oblivion. In the sales salon of the Živanović house, you will find a wide selection of different models of unique fur coats, handmade from the finest noble fur that meet the highest quality standards. Also, they offer various hats and collars that will enrich your coat.

Numerous recognitions testify to these irresistible creations. Among them are the GRAND PRIX award for certain fur models from the international fair in Tuzla, as well as the gold medal won at the international fashion fair in Banja Luka. A special place is occupied by the Oscar awarded to Mr. Ivan Zivanovic for high quality and creation.

New Year’s discount is in progress, up to 50% on the entire range.

Salon krzna Živanović
Vojvođanska 7, Laćarak,

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