Being out on the trail or in the powder, for work or play, is one of life’s great feelings and creating emotional moments to linger long in the memory. Each Yamaha model is designed to deliver world-beating performance, unmatched handling and supreme comfort – with economy and reliability

Smooth and Easy

Created to make life easier for outdoorsmen and people with snow-related businesses, this mid-size sled comes with a surprisingly full-size work ethic. And although it is designed mainly as a partner to get tough towing and hauling jobs done, its great handling and performance mean you can enjoy it too!

At its heart is remarkable fuel-injected 397cc 2-stroke power unit, punching out around 65 smooth horsepower – with businesslike amounts of brutal torque. In fact, its performance level is perfectly matched to the cutting-edge design of the chassis, suspension, track and skis.

The latest-technology alloy chassis has been designed to take full advantage of the responsive, free-revving new engine. The main focus In development has been on saving weight without compromising the strength and durability needed for a true workhorse. So this innovative machine offers very docile handling, razor-sharp agility and a comfortable, balanced ride.

Mid-size it might be, but the on-board luxury and comfort are truly full-size! Practical too, with electric start, push-button electronic reverse, adjustable hand and thumb warmers and clear digital gauges to keep you up to speed. In fact, a mighty impressive all-rounder to add to your workforce

Jump on and start the fun!

Jump on the SnoScoot and enter a world of fun! Packing all the fun of a full-size, full-out snowmobile in a more compact and manageable machine, the SnoScoot provides unbeatable and exhilarating entertainment.

Designed to provide fast, exciting, accessible adventures for people of younger age (8+) or smaller stature, this remarkable machine is a testament to over 50 years of experience in building the world’s most advanced snowmobiles.

Its size and speed apart, the lively, stylish Yamaha SnoScoot, from engine and suspension to handling and features – is a 100% fun-packed snowmobile! After all, a great many Mums and Dads who are keen riders today, enjoyed their first snowmobile discoveries aboard a SnoScoot.

With seat position and ergonomics designed to help keep the rider centered and upright, the balance of the machine is easier to maintain, making for excellent handling and control. The SnoScoot offers brisk performance and a perfect balance between agility and stability that brings both excitement and confidence to newer riders.

The SnoScoot is designed for heading out and having fun. That’s why it has such a stylish, striking colour scheme and practical luxuries like deep, secure footwells, wide running boards, a comfortable seat and – so important for getting maximum enjoyment out of a snowmobile ride – electric start and heated hand warmers!

Contact: Plattner Motors, Barel d.o.o. Yamaha Montentegro

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