Dive Watches – Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200 m

Text: Matej Ogorevc

Citizen has a long tradition of dive watch manufacturing, and with the Satellite Wave GPS model they have taken it a step further

The official label of the watch, the Promaster Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200 m, already hints at some of its features that will appeal to many divers:
• The watch is powered by solar energy, and a fully charged battery provides enough energy for even seven years of operation in complete darkness, while the deviation of the F158 movement is only +/- 5 seconds per month.
• Using the GPS receiver, the watch recognizes its location and thus, wherever you are, shows the correct time. Since safety comes first, you can turn off the GPS function while diving and the watch will only show the time, while other functions will be inactive.
• Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200m provides water resistance to a depth of 200 m, and around the dial are placed eight of the world’s best diving sites: Sharm El Sheikh, the Maldives, Phuket, Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, Hawaii, Galapagos Islands and Fernando de Noronha. The choice of locations, in cooperation with Citizen and Tripadvisor, highlights the diversity that the GPS function provides you with when traveling.

The case, measuring 47 mm x 15.6 mm, is made of titanium and additionally treated by special Duratec technology, which provides it with even greater resistance to scratches, damage due to impact or rust, while the presence of sapphire glass contributes to its durability.

In addition to the unique titanium case, the Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200 m impresses with other classic elements of a dive watch and a design that clearly indicates that it is time for a new adventure! The background of the dial in blue is complemented by a blue strap (together with the watch, you also get an extension of the strap for use with a neoprene suit), which you can also choose in a green combination. Its robust look is also contributed by the rotating bezel that rotates to one side and is painted white for the first 20 minutes, while the crown and two pushers on the right side give the dive design its finishing touch. The crown is used to set the date, time and GPS function, and the pushers above and below to turn off the GPS while diving. On the inside of the rotating bezel, the previously mentioned diving locations are marked, and in addition to the two large white hands, the combined indicator in the lower left part of the dial, which shows the days of the week and the energy reserve, also attracts attention.

The hands, watch marks and the top of the rotating lunette are marked with a perfectly selected luminescent color, which enables good visibility in the dark and in the sea depths.

The Promaster Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200 m is undoubtedly an interesting watch that goes great with a neoprene or dry suit, but you can also use it in everyday combinations. It would really be a shame to wear a watch worth about 800 euros just while diving, wouldn’t it?

Model: Promaster Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200 m
Diameter: 47 mm
Height: 15.6 mm
Case weight: 101 g
Maximum depth: 20 ATM (200 m)
Caliber: F158
Power reserve: 7 years
Price: 799 €

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