VOLVO S90 RECHARGE – Expect more!

Discover intuitive comfort and personalized convenience. Introducing a Scandinavian luxury hybrid sedan with built-in Google services. Let this be your car

The new Volvo S90 Recharge represents the Swedish vision of a premium sedan and offers a whole new driving experience. Compared to its competitors, this may not be the most dynamic sedan on the market, but what Volvo customers have appreciated for years is its comfort, precise control and reliability. In addition to this, the S90 Richarge brings you technology, design and sustainable materials that improve driving and quality of life.

Adding electricity to the drive gives a plug-in hybrid that looks to the future, but without compromising today’s driving experience. With Recharge plug-in hybrids, the electric motor in conjunction with the internal combustion engine provides the option of pure electric mode, power mode and hybrid mode, giving you complete control over lower exhaust emissions. The advanced purifier in the world’s first air quality system, which prevents up to 95% of dangerous PM 2.5 particles from entering the cabin, will help you and your passengers enjoy better air quality regardless of external conditions.

Noise reduction, intuitive technology and uncompromising performance – all are what make the S90 great. Inside, diamond-shaped keys and an attractive tablet-sized screen will provide effortless control of your ride

Elegant and distinctly Scandinavian, the new Volvo S90 Recharge exudes a sophisticated minimalist style design. Its interior, with its beautiful details and open, airy ambience, is designed as a luxurious haven and space in which you will remain fully connected to the outside world while driving.

What this car can boast of is best-in-class navigation. Google Maps is fully integrated into your car, and with real-time information and automatic redirection, leading you to your destination more easily. With Google Assistant, you can get driving directions, enjoy fun, keep in touch with friends, and fine-tune your cabin environment – all without taking your hands off the wheel. Just say “Hey, Google” to start the process.

Safety has been central to Volvo since 1927. The introduction of the Recharge car line shows their ambition to make the safest rechargeable vehicles on the road, and, as expected, the S90 excels in safety and is equipped as standard with Intellisafe Assist technology that combines all the most advanced active and passive safety systems.

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