In addition to offering complete satisfaction in terms of improving physical health, spa tourism has been raised to a significantly higher level. Today, staying in spa resorts, which includes a complete revival of mind and body, is the main feature of the modern age, even a matter of prestige. Strenghten your body and awaken your spiritual self in some of the most beautiful spas on the Old Continent

Karlovy Vary

A destination that exudes history, culture and natural beauty. One of the oldest spas in Europe, where every corner is interwoven with legend, even the name of the place. Legend has it that it was named after the Czech King Charles IV who, while hunting deer, discovered mineral water springs. This natural spa, about 120 km from Prague, was a favorite vacation spot of the European aristocracy. In addition to numerous crowned heads, many other famous people came here to recover, such as Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Gogol, Dvorak, Goethe, to name a few. It owes its reputation, primarily, to the 64 thermal springs of mineral water, 12 of which are still used for healing. However, the magnificent architecture with castles and fairytale streets is exactly what constantly attracts tourists. Hotels, apartments, spas and restaurants in the Baroque and Art Nouveau style will provide the right dose of elegance and a discreet touch of glamor of days long gone.


Located on the western edge of the Black Forest, on the banks of the River Oos, Baden-Baden is one of the world-renowned mineral spas. Some of the most famous people who stayed or lived there were Klara Schumann, Dostoevsky and Johannes Brahms. This is a genuine oasis of German history and elegance. In the city itself there are 14 thermal springs with temperatures between 14 and 66 ° C. It has been known as a spa tourism destination since 2,000 years ago, when the Romans used the healing properties of water from a dozen thermal springs that still feed the elegant and modern Caracalla spa, as well as the famous Friedrichsbad baths built in the Romanesque style in the mid-19th century. Stroll the streets of Baden-Baden, explore its Baroque architecture and don’t miss the Lichtentaler Allee Park and its beautiful Art Nouveau garden with more than 400 different types of roses. And that, to your satisfaction, is only a part of what awaits you there.

Blue Lagoon of Iceland

Located in Grindavik, a fishing town south of Reykjavik, today it is one of the major tourist attractions in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is a pure personification of the features of the land of ice and fire. This geothermal spa provides perfect enjoyment of the warm mineral pools whose bottom is covered with volcanic lava. Due to the fact that it can be really cold in Iceland, the water in the pools is always pleasantly warm and ranges from 37 to 39° C. Due to the presence of algae and white silicon in the water, the lagoon is milky blue, while the beautiful island environment creates real magic and makes this destination a genuine tourist paradise. Within the complex there are two hotels – “Silica Hotel” and “The Retreat Hotel”, as well as two restaurants “Lava” and “Moss”. Here you can enjoy pure luxury and go for some of the best spa treatments on the island.


Kings and queens are not known for modesty, so your next trip shouldn’t be like that either. Expect sheets softer than satin, on-site spas and room service, because Mirambeau will offer you all this

Halfway between Bordeaux and Cognac, in the vicinity of some of the world’s most prestigious vineyards, Mirambeau Castle offers the best of refined luxury à la française. Built on the site of a medieval fortress from the 11th century, this Renaissance architectural gem is located in the heart of a beautiful eight-hectare park overlooking the Gironde estuary and the vineyards of Cognac and Bordeaux. Mirambeau Castle, renovated in 2002, is currently one of the most beautiful palace hotels in France. The hotel rooms and suites are equipped with luxurious upholstered antique furniture, elegant paintings and marble bathrooms. Each room is unique, and accommodation units offer views of the park or the outdoor pool. However, its charm is not only made by Louis XV-style rooms or its gastronomic restaurant with an impressive selection of the finest French cognacs. Its charm is not even in the beautiful garden, pool or SPA center.

The history of Mirambeau Castle is almost as dramatic as the architecture, so you will be carried away by the the spirit of the past and your stay will be worthy of a king with all the comforts and conveniences of the modern age. The only thing you will have to leave behind is the hectic pace. This blend of old and new timeless luxury surrounded by lush greenery, the proximity of Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion and the Atlantic Ocean, guarantee you a unique superior experience of true French art de vivre. Turn off your phones and instead of connecting to the internet, connect with nature. For those who like slightly more active vacation, we suggest wine tours around Saint-Emilion, a trip to Bordeaux, paragliding from Europe’s largest sand dune or surfing the waves of the Atlantic Ocean near Biarritz. If you want to know how the French aristocracy lived and love French art and culture, this is an ideal destination for unique emotions and unforgettable scenarios.

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