ADVANCE G 800 – New Generation Representative

The G sign of the new Advance model indicates that it is a new generation representative and a major step forward in terms of design, comfort, usability and functionality

The boat inherited the outer features from the highly successful G 600, aggressive appearance and angled tubes. It is shaped with a deep “V” hull designed to cope with larger waves on the high seas and to cross long distances in the open sea, which is also enabled by a large fuel tank that can hold 460 liters of fuel. In addition, three more tanks were installed on the boat: for sanitary, technical and waste water.

The aft of the deck consists of a multi-purpose bench with a three-piece backrest, whose folding creates a large flat space for sunbathing, as well as direct access to the platform. By activating the hydraulic mechanism, the table is pulled out and the whole aft area is converted into a corner seating.

Large fuel tank can hold 460 liters of fuel

The front sundeck hides a large storage area underneath. It consists of 2 separate chambers, which can be converted into a single unit for storage of larger equipment, such as water skis, fishing rods and other long equipment, at the customer’s request.

The control part is made up of a massive console lined with carbon fiber and special leather. Navigation device, sonar with the ability to display the entire area around and below the vessel, speedometers, gauges for depth, trim, level in all tanks, are just some of the information crucial for safe driving, which the skipper has at hand and can fully control at all times. The stainless steel panel has 14 stainless steel buttons for various purposes.

Under the console, below the deck, there is a smaller haed compartment. It consists of a sink, a ventilation system, as well as a toilet with a built-in electric pump.

The ergonomically shaped helmsman’s seats are separate for the skipper and a crew member. They can be adjusted in the lower part in order to suit the driving style, in a standing or sitting position. The seats are filled with special “BreathAir” foam of exceptional comfort, which is breathable and water-repellant, while the finest leather for nautical use is used for lining. Advance enables its customers to choose from a wide variety of textures, patterns and leather colors.

There is a small kitchen set behind the seats, which consists of a gas hob, sink and worktop, while underneath there is a built-in fridge and storage for kintchen utensils.

Deep “V” hull is designed to cope with larger
waves on the high seas

The aft platform is designed to allow easy access to the boat from the dock or entry from the water via a stainless steel ladder that can be pulled out of the its purpose-made storage area and easily put into service. There is a shower on the left side and a water pump connector on the right, which gives the possibility of washing the boat even when the boat is anchored on that side. According to special requirements, the deck can be lined with teak or non-slip rubber. The Advance G 800 is made in a number of attractive color combinations, while the manufacturer allows customers to personalize their craft and create unique tailor-made boats.

Length: 800 cm
Length with platform: 850 cm
Width overall: 310 cm
Hull material: Fiberglass
Max single engine power: 425 hp
Max twin engine power: 2 x 250 hp
Max speed: 55 kn

Contact: Advance boat

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