Fliteboard has been quietly taking over the world since it launched in 2018 in Byron Bay, Australia. Born out of professional kitesurfer David Trewern watersports obsession, the brand has grown into a global success story making big waves in the world of watersports. In 2016, David had the idea of adding electric power to his kitefoil. After encouragement from friends, a prototype was completed with a 3D printer, a handmade carbon board and off the shelf parts. Testing it on the beach at Belongil, David quickly realised that the experience of flying with electric power was even more amazing than he had ever imagined.

Described by Shopify founder Tobias Lutke as “the most magical gadget on the planet”, Fliteboard is the next generation watercraft that allows you to fly smoothly above the water at exhilarating speeds. It doesn’t rely upon wind or waves, and gives you the freedom to travel for up to 40km per charge whilst hovering approximately 70cm above the water, with its speed controlled by a hand-held Bluetooth remote.

This new invention is so responsive that even the most subtle movements bank turns or change your flying altitude, providing endless freedom and expression. Created with the latest electric vehicle and battery technology it offers a fast, clean, quiet, powerful ride. Entrepreneurs, celebrities and Superyacht owners around the world have been quick to adopt Fliteboards as their latest passion.

New technology is here to disrupt the water sports market and inspire a future of quiet and clean ocean enjoyment

They recently made history, being the first electric powered watercraft to fly across the English Channel in under 2 hours, showcasing the unstoppable possibilities of EV technology. Currently, an average 1.5 hour session on a board will use less energy than a 10 minute drive to the beach. The design integrates cutting edge technology, engineering excellence and the highest levels of production quality. Designed to perform in extremely harsh environments the boards are made with high performance materials, processes and finishes that are durable and beautiful.

Fliteboards team of engineers have designed the boards using the latest cutting-edge technology, ensuring every element performs to the highest standard. The battery pack is a IP67 rated Flite Cell, sealed, waterproof and drop proof, it integrates with an intelligent Battery Management System, that allows magnetic safe switching and fail-safe protocols into bespoke on-board electronics for unrivalled safety. Each board features water ingress detection, safe shutdown and onboard temperature monitoring.

The patented Flitebox system also houses drivetrain electronics in a waterproof, heat dissipating housing integral to the eFoil assembly. This ‘plug and play’ system creates significant competitive advantages for efficient heat management, simplicity of assembly, storage and maintenance. The design also incorporates internal sensors that automatically shut the motor off when a rider falls and prevent operation of the propeller on land to maximise safety.

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