At the end of the summer, the boaters’ conversation usually revolves around the question of preparing their boats for the winter and avoiding problems caused by humididty, but they also try to find the answer to the most significant question – where and how to safely moor the boat during the winter?

Those who have only recently acquired a speedboat or a yacht often have interesting combinations with buoys and anchoring, small ports or a berth “at a friend’s place”. However, those who are more experienced have already gone through the process and know all about the sleepless nights caused by storms hundreds of kilometers away, without any information about how their boat is. Therefore, for a reason, their yachts are moored in a marina. Still, among the abundance of marinas, how to choose the right one?

Each marina basically offers safety for the moored vessels, but among the numerous Adriatic marinas, Marina Punat stands out – awarded many times for innovations in the field of safety. Located in a naturally protected bay in the south of the island of Krk, it does not rely only on safety of its natural position, but provides peace of mind by using technology, protocols and precautions, thus raising the standards of nautical safety since its founding in 1964.

In addition to standard and premium berths in the sea, dry berths in the marina are especially popular, particularly those on the dry pier that allows access and use of the vessel even when it is not in the sea. Part of the regular marina service is a daily tour of the yachts and records of all activities involving the vesel, as well as a weekly report in the form of a photo that is available to owners through a mobile application. Users can view their boat at any time via webcams, and they are guaranteed privacy with limited access to cameras at the piers.

Peaceful sleep is invaluable, and the owners of the boats located in Punat sleep peacefully, fully convinced that their boat is safe

The use of digital sensors for smoke detection, water penetration, elevated temperature, and so on is becoming increasingly popular among boaters. Marina Punat has taken it a step further, and since 2020, in cooperation with Marina Cloud, has integrated SENSE4BOAT digital sensors with its own security system.

In this way, the sensors simultaneously alert the owner and the marina surveillance service, which dramatically shortens the intervention time and helps prevent accidents. In order to encourage boaters to embrace this technological innovation, in recent years users of the annual berth have received as a gift a set of smart sensors adapted to their vessel: water penetration detectors, as well as smoke detectors for sailboats or elevated temperature detectors for motor boats.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible to prevent an incident, which is why a number of fire-fighting measures have been established. In addition to the increased distance between vessels on the dry berth, there is also a network of sprinklers, as well as the marina’s own fire-fighting vessel, for fast and efficient interventions. Peaceful sleep is invaluable, and the owners of the boats located in Punat sleep peacefully, fully convinced that their boat is safe.

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