Azimut 68, the latest model in the Azimut Yachts Flybridge collection, is a yacht for the world designed around the owner, it offers a choice of three interiors layouts for different onboard lifestyles. Thanks to the combination of carbon fiber and optimized hull that allows reduced consumption, sustainability is also a significant aspect.

Azimut Yachts launched the new model of the Flybridge collection, in its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021. It is designed in collaboration with Alberto Mancini for the exteriors and Achille Salvagni for the interiors. Thanks to the shipyard’s in-depth knowledge of the market and owners from all over the world, Azimut Yachts designed a 21 meters yacht that adapts to the desires of contemporary owners who increasingly insists on bespoke solutions even for smaller boats.

The first layout has an elegant lounge at the entrance to the Main Deck, with a galley off to one side, closed off by a solution that combines ribbing and plexiglass. This “Lanterna” configuration gives the galley privacy but allows light to flow throughout the space, creating a large and light-filled ambience.

For owners seeking a more convivial layout, the version with an open-style galley is ideal. Eliminating the sliding door opens up the view astern, as the galley connects directly to the dining area which, as in the Lanterna layout, can also be turned into a second lounge area.

In the configuration with the most informal layout, the galley is in the stern to facilitate direct flow between interior and exterior, while the living area is set apart towards the bow. The option with the galley near the entrance is perfect for serving both exterior and interior dining areas, encouraging conviviality.

Whatever the configuration chosen, there will always be an additional lounge setting over and above the conventional sofa area: a multi-purpose area in the middle of the Main Deck that can serve as a space for lunch, for conversation or reading, or even a small screening room.

Another priority focus is sustainability, which for Azimut doesn’t only mean concentrating on alternative propulsion systems – already being explored with the main international manufacturers – but has always involved concrete solutions delivering a significant reduction in the environmental impact of its boats. The Azimut 68 is characterised by extensive use of carbon fiber in the yacht’s topside, including the superstructure, the hard top and part of the deck, aiming to cut consumption levels despite the yacht’s generous volumes. The same goal was key to the design of the hull, whose forms have been optimised to achieve better performance and maximum cruising pleasure.

Exterior designer Alberto Mancini works surfaces using a modern language – also adopted in car design – to guide the evolution of the Flybridge collection and point up the distinctive features of Azimut Yachts with ever sharper cleanness of line, a concept already introduced in the Azimut 78.

The interior spaces, as well as the external furnishings, were designed by Achille Salvagni and are characterised by grace and elegance conveying sensations of onboard wellbeing.

Press: Sculati & Partners

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