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Decking is a type of floor covering that is intended for outdoor use. It is ideal for covering terraces, gardens, or the area around swimming pools! It has been used for many years as a solution in marinas around the world. In addition to its sleek appearance, decking made from exotic species of wood can look flawless for a very long period of time!

Premier Parquet in cooperation with the leading Italian company La San Marco Profili can offer you decking made of the highest quality types of wood in the world! Exotic wood species such as Burmese Teak, Ipe, Cumaru, Iroko, Garapa, and Angelim Amargoso, are far ahead of all other materials intended for decking.

In addition to the luxurious look, exotic decking is characterized by very high resistance in all weather conditions, therefore longevity and impeccable appearance are guaranteed.

With a warantee and the best prices, without hidden costs, Premier Parquet can offer you decking with the installation of different types of wood.
Installing decking is not an easy job, so be careful who you entrust your decking to. For quality decking installation, the most important thing is to make a good substructure. Depending on the load that the decking will carry, the substructure can be made of metal, aluminum, or wood, and then the decking is attached to it with stainless steel screws. The decking can be fastened with clips or visible screws.

What sets La San Marco Profiles apart from others is the possibility of installation with clips, which enables very easy removal of each individual board (if, for example, you need to clean the drain).

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