New Ranieri Next 330 unveiled

Next 330 LX is the evolution of the Next 285 LX and boasts half a century of experience combined with the know-how developed in the powerboat sector by the company founded in the Seventies by Pietro Ranieri.

9.95 meters long, Next 330 LX stands out impressively on the water, insisting on a maximum width of three metres, and will soon be equipped with a 300-horsepower torque.

“ The boat was designed and built using the Fully – Developed Cockpit System, a proprietary monocoque construction system which has made it possible to maintain the boat’s maximum beam for about two-thirds of its maximum length“.

the company explains

Ranieri International’s second-generation H.I.S. (Hull Innovative System Generation) system with double step is also entirely Ranieri International’s: this can be seen in the “newly conceived” water lines characterized by a number of “inverted” skids; the hull is also “designed to enhance the boat’s qualities“.

Next 330 LX sportiness

Next 330 LX was designed to give the owner the optimal performance in terms of speed. There’s no shortage of space: the cabin consists of “two separate areas” where up to four people can sleep, and the head, in a separate compartment, is “comfortable and welcoming“. The bow stands out against the sea horizon almost vertically and is complemented by an “important steel bow fitting to weigh anchor“.

Ranieri International, we remember, “manufactures around 80% of the components of its products in-house”, which contributes to better control over quality levels. Next 330 LX will be exhibited during the next autumn boat shows.

The exterior profile of this little nautical gem features, slightly shaded, “a large horizontal window incorporating the cabin portholes“. Eight is the maximum number of people who can easily use the seats and spaces to be shared in the stern living zone, which also hides a pleasant “potential metamorphosis” that is always at the ready, thanks to the “retractable electric table” and the “foldaway seats” that quickly transform it into a “large, comfortable sundeck”. Standing up, or sitting on the two boolster systems with lumbar support, the pilot and co-pilot look at a dashboard that is “very large and able to house all the on-board instrumentation, which is always easy to read”. Integrated at the rear of the stand-up unit on the living area side are a sink and cooker, while on the opposite side is “the large icebox”. Those looking for privacy can step back from the deck with a firm grip on the “fine stainless steel boxed handrail” and gain access to the cabin protected by a convenient “sliding door”.

Contact: Moto-Nautika

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