Based on many years of exceptional cooperation with the Italian designer, Mr. Alessandro Chessa, a separate G series of Premium models of Advance RIB boats was created: G 800, G 600, and G 500. This time, they took a few steps further. Significantly further.

Advance presents a model with the code name Project X. The letter X is not only related to the mystery surrounding the project and the new class, but also to crossing the 10-meter milestone in length.

In addition to the high levels of comfort, functionality and usability of the vessel, it is the speed that gives it the quality of a superfast speedboat. In the configuration of the most powerful outboards with a total power of 900 hp (twin installation 2 x 450 hp), the maximum speed will exceed the famous limit of 60 knots.


The control part consists of a massive console with 2 large screens of 14 inches. Navigation device, sonar with the possibility of displaying the entire space around and below the vessel, speedometers, devices for measuring depth, trim, liquid levels in all tanks, are just some of the information necessary for safe driving, which the skipper has in front and can control at any time.
Despite its large size, maneuvering and controlling the vessel is extremely simple, which is contributed by the bow thruster. Docking and anchoring is performed with the use of a joystick. It is designed to represent pleasure for the skipper, not stress. The Czone digital system allows the control of all built-in functions on the boat from one place.


Tow-bar is made of fiberglass, placed in the optimal position for maneuvering the traction rope at a wide angle, which opens up huge opportunities for sports and fun on the water.


The aerodynamic T-top is designed in such a way that it fully integrates with the deck, following the shape of the boat and its line. Made of fiberglass, its structure is designed to provide additional safety to crew members, to protect them from frontal gusts of wind and water, as well as to provide protection from the sun. In addition, the windshield has anti-reflective properties, which prevents glare during daily driving.


At the back of the boat is large and spacious booth. In the central part there is a table, which is visually hidden in the deck. By activating the hydraulic mechanism, the table is lifted and put into operation. When not in use, it descends and returns to the deck.


A huge relaxation sundeck is spread over two levels. Easy access is designed, as wide enough passages on both sides lead to it.
The lower sundeck is integrated, while the upper level has two separate beds. A special treat is the system for adjusting the angle and position of the bed, providing an additional atmosphere of enjoyment.


The rear platform is designed to allow easy access to the boat from the dock or entry from the water via a stainless steel ladder, which can be pulled out of the dedicated space and easily put into operation. There is a shower on the platform, as well as a connector for the water pump, which gives the possibility of washing the boat when the boat is anchored.


When night falls, a special visual experience occurs. Ambient lights on deck and underwater give an exceptional impression, but there is one detail that has not been seen before: adjustable LED lights hidden on the tubes which follow the attractive side line.


The cabin to which the stairs lead is located below deck. It is protected by a door, insulated from external influences. At the entrance to the cabin, on the left side, there is a control panel with switches, as well as lockers for storing clothes. To the right is a bathroom, completely separated from the rest of the interior. Inside the cabin, sockets are installed to power electronic devices. A multimedia TV with a speaker system is installed in front of the bed. A comfortable bed with dimension 160x200cm is the main part of the cabin space, and it can accommodate two adults. Under the bed, there are several hidden separate chambers for storage.

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