In the very heart of the “Jahorina” Olympic Center, on an exceptional ski location at an altitude of 1650 meters, a facility has been designed that nurtures the memory of its predecessor, which stood there for many years.

With an abundance of facilities, the “Jahorina” Apartment Hotel caters to all needs. It offers its customers a wide range of services, including accommodation, use of the congress center, restaurant, gym, spa, and many other facilities.

The unique capacity of the spa center with 5 swimming pools, provides a complete atmosphere for users, both in summer and winter. The direct exit from the facility to the “Prača” ski slope and the ski bar that is located there, provides skiers with a unique and unforgettable experience.

As part of the building, there is also a spacious underground garage occupying 3 levels, providing a sufficient number of parking lots. The contents of this facility, designed in accordance with all the latest world trends, enable conditions for life and comfort throughout the year.

When designing the building itself, the topography and context of the location itself were taken into account, which was reflected in the size by careful design and selection of materials, forming a unique example of the synthesis of tourism, nature, and architecture. The reinterpretation of the traditional local artistic and symbolic expression of the applied materials, colors, textures and shapes, gives this building a unique note of modern architecture imbued with the local context.

The investor is Galens Invest, one of the leading domestic investment construction companies with extensive experience and numerous successful projects behind it. What Galens Invest always strives for is to “build your dreams and memories”.

Engineering, which operates within the Galens Group. When it comes to the application of innovative solutions, standardization of construction works, and the use of technological solutions, Galens Engineering can stand side by side with leading European construction companies. This is what guarantees a high and standardized level of construction.

Jahorina Mountain resort and spa is designed as a luxury apartment hotel complex managed by “NS hotels”, a company that specializes in the management of hotels and other catering facilities. Under the control of this company, the “Pupin” Hotel in Novi Sad successfully operates with the exclusive restaurants “Kalem” and “Zak”, as well as the “Zlatibor” Hotel – one of the most modern resorts in the region, whose opening is being prepared for the end of 2021.

In these facilities, you will find peace, along with a variety of activities and a dose of luxury to which all their guests are accustomed.

Contact: Galens Invest, Hotel Jahorina

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