Christopher Ward C60 Sapphire

Back in 2005, three Englishmen decided to start a new business. They were looking for something for everyone to enjoy and decided to start a watchmaking business, naming the brand after one of them – Christopher Ward. They bet on direct internet sales, affordable prices, and quality, which is a blend of British precision and design and everything Swiss that the best watch movements in the world must-have. We were most impressed by their dive model C60 Sapphire.

A wonderful play of light on the sapphire glass

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at the C60 Sapphire is the amazing play of light on the pure sapphire glass. Over time, the masters of watchmaking have perfected the art of making dials of sapphire glass only 0.6 mm thick, which undoubtedly places this watch above many others. Through the blue-tinted sapphire crystal (orange and black versions are also available), you can see parts of the movement and the date dial, which seems like looking at the seabed from the water surface. The effect is further enhanced by the amount of light that falls on the watch, because on a clear sunny day the details under the Saphire are clearer, while at dusk they turn into the dark blue of the deep sea.

The blue dial is decorated with tiny orange details on the markings for each hour, which are even more pronounced together with the blue rubber strap with orange stripes on the sides. For the grand finale, there is also a second hand, which is otherwise almost imperceptible, except for the orange tip and the trendy trident on the other end. Truly magnificent!

Sapphire crystal also covers the back of the watch, where the Sellita SV-200-1 movement is visible. The movement provides a 38-hour energy reserve and accuracy of +/- 20 sec/day, but according to Internet tests, the watch, in reality, provides much better results. With a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of only 13 mm, the C60 Sapphire ranks among the classic diving watches, and the British achieved an even better and more elegant look of the watch with a turning bezel that is not too bulky. As with all genuine diving watches, it rotates only in one direction, it has markings for round clocks (or every five minutes), and the first fifteen minutes are divided into minute marks. Furthermore, that first part is painted with luminescent color, so the watch looks really impressive even at night!

Several different types of straps fit perfectly with the stainless steel case. They offer a classic version made of brushed stainless steel with a safety clasp, but you can also choose a slightly less costly version of a rubber strap in several colors or a strap made of a special environment-friendly material Blue #tide ocean. The price of a watch with a metal strap is 1115 euros, and 995 euros with the other strap options.

Christopher Ward C60 Sapphire is undoubtedly a unique watch that you can truly enjoy while diving in the Cathedral on Premuda or during the afternoon walks through the old town, but you can also wear it at work. Each time it will win you over with its unique look and the magic of its blue sapphire glass …

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